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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Simple Sandwich & Pasta

MP's away so it's just me & the kids at home. After MP left for JB siang tadi , I went to the studio for a while. Ada some money related matters to discuss & settle with Kak Siti. Hari ni Kak Siti tapau-kan I nasi & lauk-pauk yang dia bawak dari rumah. Hahhhhh......lunch was so good. Untung ada kakak macam ni.

Selesai urusan kat studio , ambil anak-anak kat rumah my parents and went home. Sebelum tu singgah kejap kat Giant BA coz Yna mintak nak makan Turkey Sandwich With Mayo.

Dah lama sungguh tak kelolakan hal-hal baru masuk dapur to fix some sandwiches for our dinner anak-beranak. Making a very simple Chicken & Turkey slice sandwiches.

Senang sangat-sangat.........sapu mayo on the bread , letak chicken slice , then sandwich-kan dengan another slice of bread.

Then on with the turkey slices........terus letak dalam container......

Our dinner tonight without MP. Some drinks......Ribena for Adriel , Ice Lemon Tea for Yna & juice for me. Layan........ bundle of joy. I was relax & happy to be with just the kids tonight.

Lunch the next day , makan at Home Town Yong Tow Foo - Wangsa Maju branch.........

No worries , Halal......

Ni our favs..........ada sayur , some savouries & fish.

For dinner , am making some spaghetti with loads of mushrooms. Malam ni MP balik........dia kata nak keluar makan tapi I rasa malas nak keluar coz nak tengok AF.......

Walaupun dah banyak kali I masak spaghetti sauce ni tapi this time am making it super fast. Done within 20 minutes. First I roughly sliced the mushrooms , chopped 2 large yellow onions & defrosted 400 grams of minced meat in the microwave on high for 5 minutes. To prepare the pasta sauce , in goes some EVOO into the pot , then only turn on the heat.

Straight away masukkan minced meat into the lukewarm pot , then in goes the chopped onions & water *depending on how much gravy you want*.

After 2 minutes , in goes some Italian Herbs Mix & crushed black pepper.......

.......also in goes some salt & sugar to taste.....

Then in goes a medium size bottle of pasta sauce & this time am using the Fresh Mushroom sauce...........leave to boil. When the gravy's fully cooked , in goes the thickening agent.......pour it slowly & keep on stirring the gravy till you get the thickness that you want.

Let it bubble away till it decreases the gravy's amount a little bit...........that's it , you're done.

My kids loves pastas..........Adriel certainly did....hehehe!

A note for me : Loving it , enjoying it.........savoring every single moment alone......*wink*