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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Day : SMK St. Mary's Reunion 2010 - Part 1

Today is the day that me and my fellow St. Marians have been waiting for. Even though I really wanted to continue my sleep on a Sunday but I had to get up. Got the adrenaline from the thought that am gonna see my school mates later on.......Off to KDE with Yna. Colour theme for this reunion is Yellow & Blue.......

Ketibaan committee tak rasmi dengan segala macam benda......

We were there at 12pm to set things school badge.......tiada yang diubah.......macam dulu jugak , still bakai badge besi ni,,,,,no iron-iron badge kain kat pinafore OK.

Hmmmm.......walaupun event ni dianjurkan oleh committee sekolah tak rasmi *we're not in the St Mary's Alumni Committee or what so ever* but we organized this reunion out of the love we had for our school & school mates. All volunteers. Kak Sherry *yang pakai baju sekolah tu* , dia volunteer buat name tag ni for all confirmed guests & late comers.....TQ sis.

Ni geng jaga registration.......Sherry-Ainon-Leen-Lizza

The Kenanga Room , Kelab Darul Ehsan.

This is my dear friend Paul , she came back to KL all the way from Illinois , USA. Poor thing , sehari sebelum reunion she met with a foot injury while playing tennis......tapi atas semangat persahabatan & the spirit of being a true St. Marian , Paul made it to the reunion. Thanx for coming babe......dapat jumpa kawan-kawan , makan-makan & dapat laa goody bag yang comel tu....

>< RM40 per pax for the high-tea.....

2 sporting mums.....Kak Aida & Kak Sherry pakai pinafore on that day. I wanted to wear but I have no time to follow Kak Aida ke Mydin to buy it. Bukan boleh main beli je.....nak kena try dulu maa.......Kalau tak,,,,,,jadi macam Mazwin , tunggu on the day itself baru nak beli pinafore kat Jusco.....try try tak muat. Kalau dah Mazwin pun susah dapat size,,,,,,,huhuhu! kalau size I lagi laaa susah...........ending-nya I pakai track suit dengan t-shirt sukan sekolah.......dulu I rumah hijau. In St Mary's green house is known as Pope House.

Sebelum acara bermula.......sempat practice last kopek lagi......bukan senang nak dapat Bob nyanyi sekali.....but we girls managed to persuade Bob to perform together with us.

The hardworking gang.....especially Normi yang sampai tak tidur tidur.....hehehe.....

Hmmmm.......anak-anak dara kita semua dipaksa pakai baby T St. Mary's ni walaupun non of our kids are schooling in St. Mary's.........hehehe! Ni Tante Aida diaorang tengah mengarahkan the girls to model the baby T's........we're helping korperasi sekolah to sell off the XS size t-shirts. Dunno why depa tak buat T-Shirt hitam 'I Love St Msry's' ni dalam size-size yang besar.......sual jugak.

OK , we're all set. Kids.......makan dulu!

~ To be continued ~

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