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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Experience @ The AF8 Concert : The Day

The AF8 Post Party

.........which I did not attend. No regrets.

I have a story to tell about the AF8 post party but first just enjoy the pics of these happy kids at the party. They don't know a thing.

The kids were at the post party till hope to snap pics with the winners & finalists.

They managed to catch Adira for a quick snap. The winners were strictly guarded unlike eliminated AF8 candidates like Alif & Nad , walking freely at the party. Owh! Boy!......esok lusa bila dah keluar AF then you'll see these instant stars aN-Ny-where..........duhhh! Then too these instant stars will know where they truly stand........and.......if they still obtain the support from the so called fans.............

A pic with Pengetua AF8 , Norman Abdul Halim

With the KRU brothers , Yusry & Edry

Saturday - 22nd May 2010

We arrived at Stadium Putra around 2pm-ish coz was told that there will be another dry run at 3pm.

Kat luar stadium ramai peraih-peraih AFundi for the finalists.....Mek support Daus! Why? As a student , nya ada improvement. And one more thing.......idup Srawak!!!!!! Hohoho!!!

Hahhhhh.........dah sampai dalam dewan , sik da orang molah apa-apa lai......suruh budak-budak makan makanan ringan yang dibeli kat stall-stall makan kat dalam stadium putra. Then we decided to order burgers for our team , nanti pukul 6:30 petang baru ambil.

So they started rehearsing...........

Then it was time for our Adults choir to take on the stage. Hah! Naik stage the singers were trying their harmony lines without a proper key.......naturally unison ke utara , harmony lines ke timur & barat.....alah....baru 1st time cuba.......lagipun key pun tak dapat lagi.......budak-budak choir baru nak test-test mic depa on stage.......dan dan tu jugak the music director ke sapa entah yang kelolakan orchestra malam tu,,,,,,dia terus stop-kan choir & said kalau choir nyanyi jugak harmoni line yang macam tu......memang berdosa! Kurang ajar!

Kalau tak hormat-kan budak-budak choir tu konon depa ni amature,,,,,,,or kalau tak hormat-kan I yang dok attend budak-budak choir tu *coz Kak Siti pergi luar stadium kejap to fetch her son Afif*.......the music director yang katanya belajar kat Berkeley tu could have at least respected Siti Hajar Ismail. The choir was brought to the stage by Siti Hajar not just anyone. I yang buat harmony lines tu , takkan Kak Siti akan lepas-kan kalau I buat harmony lines yang sumbang or harmony lines yang tak masuk key. Bodoh piang. No no director ni tak bodoh , dia pandai tapi seriously kurang ajar. Dia ingat dia dah too bagus sampai dia lupa that Tuhan juga memberi orang lain kebolehan music walaupun tidak perlu ke Berkeley. Siol je.......

A note for me : Kalau dah takut about the clashing notes you used in your composition,,,,,why use it? Idiot. What can a basic harmony in the form of tonic triads do any harm to your so called over the top composition? Tak dengar grand pun , macam composition lagu rock biasa je. You nak pakai 7th - 9th - 11th - 13th in a major chord......the root notes tetap sama. Even though kalau you guna Sustained 2nd or 4th , still the 2 root notes tetap sama. Owh! You must be too creative to have used Augmented or Diminished notes in such a simple songs like Shahir's & Adira's....duhhhh!

*Owh! budak music tu.....Si mamat Kamekaze. Kawan dia si budak Butterfingers yang nyanyi & buat voicing sumbang mahram , eh! sorry sumbang mambang tu tak pulak dia kata berdosa, ye.......*

Bila si musical director dah buat statement kekwat cam tu , I terus call Kak Siti suruh dia cepat-cepat ke stage. Told her briefly what the music director said to our choir members. Budak-budak dah down sikit disebabkan remark yang 'berdosa' dari music director tu.....hawau betul! Bila Kak Siti naik stage and asked the music director if the choir memang nyanyi salah nota harmony or salah key......he said they were not singing in the right key.....3 voicing dalam key yang lain.......memang laa sumbang! Alamak bro.....Budak-budak tu baru nak warm-up vocal chords diaorang after waiting for so long laaa......rileks laaa......

Sebelum Kak Siti datang , the music director suggested that budak-budak choir nyanyi unison je to be safe. Hello???? Ni choir Siti Hajar laaa bro,,,,,takkan nak nyanyi unison je? Akai ada ka? No way hozey.......terus encouraged budak-budak to sing according to what we've practiced. Sambil budak-budak nyanyi , dengar jugak music director tu dok main chords kat keyboard dia......memang notes kita OK.

Around 6pm-ish a production crew came telling me to get the kids into the changing room , to change & get ready......hah? Lu cakap apa ni? Budak-budak ni tak rehearse pun lagi , spacing on stage pun tak ambil lagi. Yang suruh datang pukul 3 petang tu buat apa? Semalam , after camera rehearsal , Cikgu Fatimah Abu Bakar & Pengetua Norman suruh budak-budak tu move closer to Adira after their 2nd chorus..........takkan tak rehearse langsung? Ni budak-budak , bukannya professional dancers yang boleh imagine itu ini.....haiyooo! Kalau budak-budak tu screw up on stage , we all yang kena. Hello? Pernah buat live show dengan budak-budak ke tak?

I tetap tak suruh budak-budak masuk choir room , biarkan budak-budak tu layan tengok opening gimmick yang ala-ala upacara pemujaan setan tu.....hadoooiiii! Mati....mati....At this point , rasanya the AP or producer concert kot , came to me asking me to get the kids ready. I told her that the kids needed a round of rehearsal but I was told tak perlu coz their voice was being recorded and malam nanti depa miming je. Hmmmmmmm.........Pasal nyanyian OK but what about the spacing? Adira kat mana? Budak-budak kat mana? Bila depa nak jalan ke depan? Bila depa nak terjun dari pentas? OK ,,,,,, one more thing........I tanya kat lady ni , the kids nanti nak duduk kat mana sebelum diaorang punya turn? I was told that the kids kena duduk dalam bilik sampai tiba turn diaorang menyanyi! What???????? WE HAVE TICKETS FOR THE KIDS!!!!!!!! Awat pulak kena duduk dalam bilik sampai tiba turn lagu kedua Adira......which is , mind you,,,,,,,the last song from of the day from the finalist! Dah gila ke apa nak suruh budak-budak tu duduk dalam bilik.

I was told that sebelum show , the kids tak boleh pergi mana-mana? Alamak Kak Long.......I tahu laaa sebelum show tak boleh pergi mana-mana. Bukannya I nak bawak budak-budak tu pergi round-round KLCC.....I told her , tak boleh ke kalau budak-budak kecik tu duduk kat satu tempat yang sesuai kat dalam dewan & tengok concert. Bila dah dekat nak turn diaorang menyanyi , send your back stage manager to give our adult choir the cue and they will usher the kids back stage........susah sangat ke macam tu? In my heart I dok berkata , masa Kak Long ni dekat U tengah belajar broadcasting ke apa , I dah lebih dulu libatkan diri dalam acara-acara live telecast ni. Tapi tak pe lah.........ini zaman dia. Tegak-tegak dia kata kids tak dibenarkan masuk dewan.......huhuhu! Wrong! Go and see the tickets by Ticket Axcess again........7 tahun ke atas boleh masuk. Kot pun kalau betul budak-budak tak boleh masuk Kak this case budak-budak ni performer , memang kena masuk dewan. Waimah baby sekali pun , kalau dah jadi part of the show......kena jugak masuk dewan ini.

Kak Siti bengang sebab dia jadi bola. Mula kata ada rehearsal for the kids , lepas tu tak payah rehearsal. Then sorang kata boleh guna stage at 6:30pm then tukar pukul 7:30pm pulak........akhirnya , bila semua orang dah tak de......baru dapat bawak budak-budak ambil spacing on stage. Yang tak seronok tu , kalau kumpulan choir tu orang luar yang bawak......lain laa kalau nak buat endah tak endah walaupun tak patut. Tapi the choir groups dibawa oleh tenaga pengajar di dalam faculty Akademi Fantasia 8 sendiri,,,,,,,why give such a treatment. Dah pukul 7 lebih , memang laa tak boleh nak kacau Adira , ending-nyaKak Aida jadi Adira.....boleh?

Make up time.......

Then buat rambut pulak.......

Where's dinner for us? Hmmmm.......sorry , no dinner was given to the choir members today. Nasib baik Kak Aida & few adult choir members bawak tidbits for everyone to munch on. Nasib baik tadi awal-awal dah order burger for our team.......kalau tak , kebulur lagi. A big production as AF8 tak de budget for 20 Nasi Bungkus for 20 choir members? Or perhaps 20 bijik burger? So sad.

OK.......apa jadi pun , the show must go own. Both our choir groups practiced again & again before show started. Brake a leg guys!

Si comel Bell & Ikhmal helped me & Kak Siti a lot for this job.........Thanx guys.

Masa budak-budak bersiap , mak-mak pun bersiap jugak weh!

My Arena tickets , thanx again to Bob Azrai. Hmmmm........Ba-nyak.....tem-pat.....ko-song.......

Anak-anak dah settle dapat tempat duduk kat dalam dewan *lepas Kak Siti mintak jugak-jugak* and even though tempat duduk untuk budak-budak choir tak cukup , few kena berdiri , some abang & kakak choir kena pangku adik-adik choir.......tak pe lah.....janji diaorang dapat tengok show.

Me & Kak Aida went to the Arena looking for our NUMBERED SEATS 15 minutes before the show started. I tanya one of the AF8 officials *yang berlonggok ramai-ramai kat Arena tu , diaorang ni pakai baju kemeja rasmi merah hitam AF8*,,,,,,,tunjuk the girl my tickets and she said......"tempat duduk you dah penuh , duduk lah mana-mana....."?????????? Nasib baik I tak beli ticket kalau I beli & dia jawab macam tu , hmmmm.......sebelum dewan tengok show final AF......dewan will see a live telecast from me dulu.

Kak Aida dah nak back-off but I said No......what if we bought the tickets , takkan nak biarkan orang production buat sesuka hati diaorang? I went to our seats and naturally dah ada orang duduk. I requested politely for them to give us our seats. They were in a group and didn't want to move , they told me that the production crew suruh diaorang move up ke depan. Well , I bilang kat the group of people,,,,,itu I tak peduli laa , I nak duduk kat tempat I yang tertulis number kerusi macam kat dalam tiket ni jugak. By this time Kak Aida dah berani sikit , dia pulak tunjukkan ada tempat kosong kat depan sekali and asked the persons yang duduk kat tempat kita to duduk kat depan sana. We really insisted on it. The idea of numbered seats again?

Makcik kat tepi I macam marah kat kitaorang sebab anak dia kena duduk sorang-sorang kat depan & sorang lagi kena duduk berhimpit dengan geng depa kat row depan kita. Hello? Daripada I kena berdiri........nasib lah. Mood pun memang angin je dari siang tadi......Then after few minutes , we saw anak makcik yang duduk kat depan sorang-sorang tu kena alih duduk dengan geng dia kat depan we all. Why? Another person showed her ticket pada anak makcik tu. Kesian memang kesian tapi what's right is right.....Ticket Axcess or production people seriously can't do this where sold tickects are concerned. Kalau dah 30 minit show started, lain laa cerita kalau nak suruh orang lain isikan tempat kosong , ni show belum mula lagi beb........not fair for those yang beli tickets.....

Our Adults choir performing for Shahir......tapi,,,,,,,,vokal depa tak dengar pun. Ada story jugak. Masa budak-budak ni pergi make-up , Kak Siti came telling me that she had a discussion with music director yang risau that our voicing/harmony might have clashing notes with music composition for Shahir's song. It seems that Kak Siti was being asked to tell her choir to sing unison. Kak Siti asked me if she should tell the choir members or not? I told her NO NEED. Ni dah nak mula show. Takut ganggu emosi choir singers. Plus kalau they asked me or Kak Siti to change whatever we're singing at the last minute , I yakin yang I dan Kak Siti boleh buat. Ni budak-budak yang baru nak berjinak-jinak dengan chorus singing. Even though yang nak ditukar tu ialah dari nyanyian susah ke nyanyian yang paling senang tapi I do not want to take the risk of the group terus nyanyi ke laut. NO! I told Kak Siti not to tell them. Let it be. Let them sing as practiced. Kak Siti agreed. Sadly , bila live on tele,,,,,,apa yang choir nyanyi tidak jelas kedengaran.......Tak pe lah.......kuasa tangan dia.

Tiba turn kids choir to perform.........they did well. Am proud that Aznil puji my nephew Rhyan , he's kid number 3 from left. Frust jugak when the camera shots didn't do justice to Yna. MP wasn't happy about it but he understood that the camera shots is beyond anyone's control. On the other hand , am happy that at least......Yna got the exposure of a TV production. Tak de rezeki muka dia masuk TV , it's OK. Next time :-)

Ni time dah umum pemenang *yang dah clearly groomed to win*.......dah rezeki Shahir. Dah keluar , masuk balik & won. Just like Mawi. Perhaps Astro needed another icon to ganti Mawi.....hopefully can make money from this new icon. Hmmmm.......rasanya tak kot......aura Mawi dulu lagi great nothing near this one.

Walaupun baru bersama 3 hari but the choir members grew to become attached to each other. Siap add masing-masing to their FB list , yes , including the kids.......

Time to take some shots with teacher diaorang........

Owh! Yeaa.......nak jugak lah!

This was taken after the show kat area stage. Actually tengah tunggu green light dari Kak Siti sama ada boleh proceed ke Post Party or not. Shortly , Bell & Ikhmal came telling that Kak Siti suruh kita semua naik ke tingkat 3 for the Post Party.

On the way to the Post Party........dengan gembiranya......

Naik ke tingkat 3.........and then turun balik ke bilik........Why? Ada story lagi........hahaha! Katanya AF.....full of drama kannnnnnnn. Ni baru betul-betul reality show. Betul-betul punya drama.

The story : When we got up , we met Kak Siti at the strictly guarded entrance to the Post Party (PP). Kak Siti nak bawa kita semua masuk ke PP but was stopped by an official from the PP. Dia kata , hanya invited guess & tetamu yang ada pass invitation sahaja yang dibenarkan untuk menghadiri PP AF8 tu. The idea of PP again? Those yang involved with the production need not be invited as they are part of the show. Only guess laa yang kena ada invitation bagai.....kalau tak satu stadium nak attend PP. Back-up dancers (under Cikgu Linda Jasmine) boleh attend PP tapi back-up singers (under Cikgu Siti Hajar) tak boleh masuk ke PP. Sad isn't it? Menangis Kak Siti bila dia bagi tahu Kak Aida & us all that we weren't allowed to enter the went heading 3 floors down to the Choir Room.......the kids paling kecewa sebab depa nak bergambar dengan finalists........

As for me , from the start I was reluctant to go to the PP , am used to PP's. Muai sangat especially masa my BIL was in the ministry.........but I am in a group so I followed when I really wanted to go home. As we were packing up our things in the Choir Room to go home , Kak Siti called Bell asking everyone not to go home coz there will be an official from Astro *katanya* nak jumpa choir members. Hmmmm.......

PP people sent a young production crew asking us all to come to the PP. Hahahha! You are seriously joking with me. You threw us out without even having the courtesy to go and ask the HIGHER RANKING PP OFFICIALS if Cikgu Siti Hajar's singer can join the party or not and within minutes,,,,,,,,like nothing happened,,,,,,you invited us to the party. I have my principal and sticked to it. I'm not going. Regardless who I am *which I know they couldn't be bothered* , as a parent , as a human being with pride , not gonna let anyone humiliate me like that. They were so rude. Forget being rude to me but they were rude to Kak Siti , a trainer in the faculty itself. Pergi mampus lah. Tak mati pun kalau I tak pergi ke PP tu. Pak'kal Yna nak join kawan-kawan dia , if not I dah blah dah........

The whole group went as I told them,,,,,,,,they can go if they want to but I'm staying. I stayed alone in the Choir Room. Tak de hal lah.........

After some time , Afif anak Kak Siti joined me. Asked him why is he here & not up there? He kept quiet. He slowly told me that he was taken aback with what had just happened and how his mom was being treated. OK,,,,,,so it was not only me. A 10 years old boy shares the same emotional turmoil. Boo to you PP people!

After dekat 1 jam , the gang came down.......I asked them,,,,,,dapat tangkap gambar dengan finalist? Nope! Dengan Adira pun was secara kebetulan. Budak-budak serbu dia lepas dia keluar dari ladies or something.......

Time nak balik , the kids lalu kat area stage and saw a group of young / up & coming team of production crew with AF8 winner Shahir tengah buat interview kat kereta baru dia.........apalagi , budak-budak ni were giggling and nak jugak ambil gambar dengan Shahir.......I told them to pass on it , tunggu lah esok lusa time dia tak de kerja , maybe we can ask Kak Siti bawak Shahir ke studio and we can do an endless photo sessions with will be kids.......they still wanna take a snap with Shahir.....

We were very near Shahir & the crew. They obviously saw the little red devils jumping & giggling to get an autograph & picture taken from Shahir........Part ni yang tidak diajar di akademi. If I was Shahir , I would politely excussed myself from the production team and spend few minutes with the kids. Tak jadi kudis pun kalau shooting tergendala 5-6 minit. Kalaulah budak-budak tu dari kalangan penonton , lain cerita.........Shahir dah tahu kewujudan budak-budak ni since camera rehearsals lagi.......masa depa on stage buat latihan,,,,,,budak-budak ni lah yang dok terjerit-jerit & tepuk tangan to see him sing on stage......and you can't even allocate few minutes to be with the kids? Common.......takkan sampai macam tu sekali takut pada production crew kot or orang Astro kot?

And.........kalau Shahir tak peka , what about the production crew? Can't they tell Shahir to go and entertain the kids sekejap and then sambung kerja balik? Kalau depa semua tak nampak budak-budak tu or kalau budak-budak tu sembunyi belakang tirai ke apa.......lain cerita lah........Ni budak-budak tu memang terconggok depan muka........Baru dalam sejam keluar akademi , dah fail reality test. My reason of saying so , walau macam mana anak I minat kat satu-satu penyanyi tu......still I yang ada kuasa membeli CD dan membawa anak I menonton konsert & etc......if you tak layan anak I , why should I support you? OK , he's new........but.....what happened to ungkapan , terima kasih kepada yang sokong saya & what nots tu?????? Hahhhhh......tolak semua tu ke tepi,,,,,,atas nama abang & adik,,,,,,,atas nama ihsan......can't you just come and shake hands with your fans?

Baik artis mee segera & production crew yang muda-muda ni........learn. Learn to have the rapport with people around you. Peka. Sebab tu artis lama survived in career & as a human being. Budi bahasa , budi bicara mesti kena ada..........that makes you a better person , not instant fame.

OK lah........after waiting for almost 10 minutes........gerak je lah. Tarik laa beg tu......."percaya,,,,pada diri...dengan harapan dan keyakinan......." Ya right *sighhhhhhhhh*.....

On the way to the car park..........I suruh the kids bergambar dengan live size cut outs of Stacy-Aril-Mawi & Akim. Bila nak beli yang Ori mahal sangat......tu sebab consumer beli yang cetak rompak. Who's fault? Hmmmmm *buat mulut macam Hans M*

Ah........I took this pic from FB one of adults choir member. After we left , baru adults choir nak gerak. Lalu tempat sama yang budak-budak kecik tu tunggu. They were lucky coz they were with Kak Siti..........dapat laa bergambar dengan the strictly guarded new AF8 winner , Shahir. Nothing against you , you're new , masih blurr ......welcome to the industry & good luck.

SO , that was my AF8 so happy with my team & being with the mums & being with the choir members. We had fun and laughter around us. Yang palat was the lah bezanya bila bekerjasama dalam satu produksi dengan orang veteran macam di RTM tu dan bila bekerja dengan team produksi yang semuanya muda belia belaka.....yang ilmu & pengalaman masih baru tapi disebabkan pangkat depa as producer laa , assistant producer laa & macam-macam lagi pangkat dalam produksi.......they became big headed & forgot to be human & that they are working with manusia.

Am writing as a parent and not as an owner of Vocalwealth Networks who brought both choir groups to this concert. A question , if YOU people in the production team were to chaperon your own kids to such an event for 2 days........would you like yourself to be treated of such & would you even let your own kids to participate in the show? In a show production , everyone is important. From the stars , the crew the dancers , the musicians , the back-up singer , the wardrobe people , the make-up artiste , even up to the person who gave drinks to & learn. Respect others , even the smallest job in a production,,,,,,,it is still a job.

Nuff said. Leaving the building.

A note for me : Loads to uploads & updates..............................