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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend @ Colmar Tropicale : What To Do Here?

There's a lot of things for you to do at the resort. For me it's sufficient enough. Beautiful place but I wish it was cooler.

The Walk

We took a leisure walk around the resort.......

I told MP to bring along Adriel's stroller.........tapi dia tak nak. Hmmmm.......bila Adik Mok penat berjalan , dia mula laa mengarok tak nak jalan.......kena laa dukung........

Dengan I sekali kena dukung Adik Mok.......hiiiii.......kalau bawak stroller kan ke senang????? Ada.....dalam kereta. Mana I tak geram.

The Swim

While Adriel took his nap with MP , me & Yna went to chill at the pool.

Mula tak de orang just me & Yna with 3 amoi-amoi seksi duduk berendam kat dalam pool tu. I letak my pool towel , my bag on 1 pool chair & another pool towel for Yna with our snorkeling gears on another one and headed to for a short sauna session. Yna was trying out her new fins in the adults pool.

When I came back a Malay woman sat on my pool chair with all her stuff while watching for her kids in the wading pool which was quite a distance jugak dari my pool chair. Kalau setakat dia lepak kat situ is her idea of watching after her kids....kalau anak dia lemas......tak sempat jugak dia nak buat apa-apa. Tu dia punya pasal lah sekarang ni......dia duduk dengan selambanya kat kerusi yang I dah letak pool towel & my personal belongings. I told her that this is my chair & that's my towel and that's my know what she said? "You nak duduk sini jugak ke?" In my heart , bloody hell betul pompuan ni.......tapi malas nak create a scene........time tu dah ramai ibu-ibu & bapak-bapak sesama Melayu yang bawak anak-anak depa swimming kat wading pool. I ada otak , bukan macam dia.......So I said , "No" to the Malay woman yang tak de rasa bersalah langsung di muka......I tak marah tapi I was so kecewa dengan sikap bangsa I sendiri. Mana budi bahasa dia. My things was on the chair & she invaded my space. What was she thinking. Ada otak tapi tak reti guna. Tak tahu mana orang punya , mana dia punya......Malu,,,,,bertudung litup tapi pekerti tak cantik. In the second photo , nampak kaki perempuan Melayu bodoh tu,,,,,tengah sibuk dengan phone dia.........tak de rasa bersalah langsung. I just dont get it or was I stupid to give her my pool chair without fighting.........

Staying positive , I turned my energy to having a good time with my daughter in the pool. In the adults 1.5 meters deep pool , it was just me & Yna swimming from one end to the other end with our snorkeling gears. Then later , there was few other Chinese & Indian hotel guests joined us in the adults pool. The wading pool was pretty crowded with moms , dads & their children. We left the pool at 7pm..........the water was cool. It was so chilling with the evening breeze and all.......

After my swimming session with Yna........mandi , take 5 , lepak kejap kat bilik. Upload gambar to my notebook.

The Games

Nite comes , we tried our luck at the fun-fair like games. Konon nak cuba dapat teddy bear yang besar tu..........yang ado.

Bear tak dapat tapi dapat ambil gambar je laaa.....

MP trying his luck at the games..........huhuhu! No luck at all! Anak patung yang kecik-kecik pun sekian....hahaha!

The Show

It's show time! An acrobatic group from China performed that night.

The stage.....the last time I came a group of sexy Russian girls performed here. I also remembered watching an acrobatic group from China performed here way way back. Ingat lagi I,,,,,masa group China yang dulu perform kat Colmar ni......for their last act , this China man buat act yang boleh tukar-tukar topeng muka dia.......topeng-topeng tu pulak rupanya tak molek , ada yang spooky. I was seating in the front row, betul-betul in the middle depan stage. Last sekali the performer lompat dari atas stage betul-betul landing depan muka I and dia terus tukar his final topeng straight to my face to reveal his face. Terkejut beruk I kejap! Nasib baik muka dia handsome...........hehehe! That nite I tidur , teringat-ingat the incident.......I was telling myself,,,,,,nasib baik muka dia macam Andy Lau......kalau muka topeng beruk ke.....hiiiii......memang terkejut sangat.

Waiting for the show to start..........

One thing laaa......they're good in what they do. They're in their teens and the youngest member is 5 years old. Traveling the world already. Somersault diaorang memang perfect 10. Balancing pun superb.

Star of the show a 5 years old acrobat from China. He was amazing. I paksa MP kasi dia some token. Soon after , I saw many guests giving him money too......Nice. Baru umur 5 tahun dia dah jadi the best among team mates dia yang lagi tua dari dia.......umur berapa tahun dia dah start training tu? 3 tahun? 4 tahun? In no time dia dah boleh represent China in the Olympics. Tak mustahil. Kat sini tiada sekolah pengkhususan baik dalam seni or sukan.....I mean yang betul-betul khusus untuk seni & sukan tanpa ada bebanan untuk memenuhi sukatan pelajaran.

China , Russia , even Indonesia mula train bintang-bintang sukan & seni tari diaorang dari kecil , professionally. Here , still sports students kena excel dalam studies then baru tumpu perhatian pada training..........still kena ambil exams,,,,,,kalau tak pass.......sekian. Memang late bloomer lah. With such system , we can never get young professionals in any sports. Setakat terror kat SUKMA , boleh laa.....I'm sure we have many talents.........why not take off the study burden from them if we know that they're not interested in studies and let them concentrate in what they really have passion for. OK.....I understand if we feel that basic education is me , knowing how to read - write & count is good enough. That factor dah indicates that they're not stupid or buta huruf terus. Hahhhhh......just a thought.

Talked about it with Kak Siti & few friends.......we do agree on it. Only if I have a lot of money.......I will surely open a school of such.......

Yna fell in love with this boy's performance. She even changed her phone's wallpaper to........ daughter.

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