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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend @ Colmar Tropicale : Going Home

And it's time to go home........Yna starts school next Tuesday after a 10 days break for her 1st semester school holiday. At least there's something for her to talk about with her friends at school.

The Gifts

At first I wanted to buy some cakes to take home but.......tak de yang menarik masa I pergi ke bakery kat Colmar tu. So tak beli.

I ended up buying Colmar t-shirts for my kids , nephews & others.

I also bought these cute hand painted Salt & Pepper + oil bottles at one of the stalls at Colmar Square. All forRM20.

Hmmmmm......I bought these giant lighters for all the smokers in the house.....MP , my dad & my brother.

We're all set to go home.....and leaving beautiful Colmar behind. So sad.....

The lift brought us straight to the handling the luggage was easy for MP.

With a baby *a grumpy baby like Adik Mok* , I'd recommend this short trip up Berjaya Hills. From the Karak Toll it takes more or less 45 minutes to drive up to Colmar Tropicale. Driving uphill was a pleasant one unlike driving up Fraser's Hill. Tu memang azab. I pun tak sanggup.

Owh! Yes.....few mummys asked me about the play pen in my room at Colmar. What I'll usually do,,,,,upon checking in I'll request for a baby cot from the front desk or after I checked-in , I'll call housekeeping asking them to send a baby cot to the room. Cuma kalau peak season , kena gamble laa......sama ada dapat atau tidak sebab ramai guests. Most hotel ada facilities baby cot. Not to worry.

A note for me : I had a great time there. You will too. Kiss kiss *wet sloppy french kiss* hehehe!

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  1. aah i bukan baby cot aje. stroller pon i selalu request.. tp usually 4-5 star hotel aje la yg ade stroller.. tp cubajaya aje.. nih yg nk g colmar lagik nih.. i suka bunny farm tuh