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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Very Late Lunch

This was last week,,,,,,,Kak Aida wanted to eat at Taiwan House. Kesian Kak Aida kena tunggu adik dia yang sorang ni dari pukul 4 petang sebab I was stranded at the studio till 6pm! Tapi sebab nak pergi sama-sama jugak........she waited for me.....TQ TQ TQ sista.

Memang lapar gilerrrrrrrrr.......just look at our food.

1 big bowl for 1 big girl......hehehe!

Black & White Glass Noodle for us! Borak-borak sambil makan,,,,,,,we talked about tudung,,,,,,Insya'allah......niat sudah ada. Doa-doakan lah.

A note for me : I want that time to come when I am with him.........

1 comment:

  1. salm.. k.rima niat nak pakai tudung ker jual tudung?

    kalo niat nak pakai dah ada, alhamdulillah....
    tapi bla dah pakai jgn bukak2 plak....x best la....x sabo nak tgk perubahan akak....

    wish u all d best....:)))))))