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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Took My SIL To See Dr A

Last week I made an appointment to see my dear Dr A on behalf of my SIL Yatie. She's nervous about seeing Dr A to do her paps *never done it*. Her first son was born with Dr A being the obstetrician and that was 7 years ago. At that time my SIL was 23 years old , I think. Still very young and didn't see the importance of post natal check-ups & doing a pap test. Now she's in her early 30's , had another son aged 4.........I told her to better get a pap test done.

So last Monday I accompanied my SIL Yatie to Dr A's clinic and became her spokeswoman......explaining things to Dr A about my SIL. I told Dr A that my SIL's nervous about doing her first pap test. Alah.....dengan Dr A tak yah takut , sure OK punye.

Yna was so excited to see Dr A *more excited than me...hehehe!* In Dr A's room she was whispering things to my ears & can't stop giggling......hehehe! She followed me today to the clinic coz she's still on her school break. Dr A asked Yna her full name and what we call her at home......tersipu-sipu si Yna cute.

After we're done at the clinic , we went for a makan at the cafe downstairs. Shared a huge portion of Lamb Shank & Caesar Salad with my SIL. Yna had Spaghetti Bolognaise & a piece of Choc Eclair......and my Cheese Cake too!

Fast foward , I rushed to the studio. Meeting Kak Siti & some friends , ada meeting sikit. Ada class malam jugak. Hmmmmm.........surprise , surprise......Kak Siti pun pakai baju kurung merah menyala jugak hari ni.....few students wore red too! Guess everybody's in the mood for a bit of love today *wink*

A note for me : Was about to leave Dr A's room when he asked me , "You sihat?"......turned to him and answered , "Tak.....tapi kena tunggu jumpa you July nanti".........TBC *wink*


  1. Salam
    busy day huh...luckily you were wearing red...somehow cheered up the day...

  2. whoaaa...bestnya Lamb Shank..menggoda di pagi hari....

  3. hazeleyed lady - buat2 busy pun ada jugak...hahaha! hmmmm....true beb....always felt good in red :-)

    SURIA AMANDA - tergoda dengan lamb shank tak pe....hehehe!