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Monday, April 5, 2010

Movie : It's Complicated

Last Friday I had lunch with Yna at De Palma Hotel. Was out and about dari pagi so terus pergi ambil Yna and pergi makan. Mula nak makan sekali dengan Kak Aida later-later , tapi Yna was so hungry.......terus divert ke De Palma. Dunno why I felt so 'not here' last Friday. My mind wandered far far away. I had someone in my mind throughout the day...........Holding myself together.......I didn't wanna cry. Not just yet.

Yna had Nasi Lemak & I had Kuey Teow Soup.

I later met Kak Aida at Galaxy......Take 5 kat studio with Kak Aida and the kids kejap before going to the cinema. We had to wait another 45 minutes before the movie started,,,,,,,so the kids took the opportunity to play at the play land.

Sebelum movie start , beli snacks dulu......

Hanya kami 8 orang sahaja yang tengok this movie.....hehehe! It's a hilarious adult family comedy stars Meryl Steep , Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin. Not for the kids laaa......since orang lain tak de kat dalam panggung tu , the girls gasak berlari-lari and did their own thing in the theater.

Headed to the studio again after the movie.....relax kejap.

........before leaving the studio...........

A note for me : So much happened today.......he left today.....miss him. Abg Din left us today.....will miss him dearly. Bye Abg Din. Now I'm crying for several reasons. I wish I can tell. It's complicated.

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