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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Makan - Trek Selebriti - Flash Mob

Starting of a long and sleepless week ahead......

Monday - 26th April 2010

Started my day by having lunch with Sis Nita. Didn't see her for the longest time. Decided to catch up with Sis Nita jugak-jugak hari ni walaupun I have to run here & there today......We met for lunch today at DePalma Hotel , Ampang.......Curhat curhat dengan my sis ni.......hahhhhhh.......lega sikit rasa di kalbu.....

After lunch , I ambil Yna dari sekolah,,,,,,sent to my parent's place and rushed to the studio. Ada flash mob practice dengan choir sampai malam. Joe Lee - Rudy & Juan of J Squared is coming to see us sing......Then ada sessi bincang-bincang with them.

MP dropped by with the kids..........rindu my kids.

Tuesday - 27th April 2010

Hari ni betul-betul kesian dengan Kak Siti. Pagi dia recording Diari AF , lepas tu berkejar balik office sebab kena buat recording Trek Selebriti. We were supposed to be at Sekolah Aminuddin Baki for the flash mob rehearsal tapi recording Trek Selebriti tak selesai J Squared dok call Kak Siti non-stop , they were mad coz attendance our choir team tak cukup 120 pax..........

Recording Trek Selebriti kat studio with host Aril of AF7.

Posing kejap dengan new host Trek Selebriti.

Selesai shoot terus shoot ke Sekolah Aminuddin Baki , Kampung Pandan. Everyone was there.....the band , the stompers.........tapi........geng choir yang datang cuma dalam 10 orang! Oh! No!......Budak-budak sekolah yang ambil bahagian semuanya 70 orang tapi memang laa students tak boleh stay back sampai malam.....

Our problem , budak sekolah boleh practice from 3-6pm & the others pulak boleh practice after 6pm. Hadoooi! Mampus........

Even though vocalist tahu part masing-masing tapi memang nampak team Cikgu Siti Hajar laa yang tak pro malam ni sebab tak cukup korum........Suara 10 orang mana boleh nak lawan dengan live band & 30 orang stompers! Nak mampus........jerit sampai pecah anak tekak pun tak kan dengar nyanyian vocalist.......dah laa geng........miming je laa kaedahnya.......

Pihak sana ada kekurangan , pihak sini pun ada kekurangan........masing-masing tunding jari. Biasalah nama pun manusia........I have faith in my team & in what we do. We've been practicing hard but I also understand that the people who hired us nak kena berjawab dengan client. So tonight was a fucked up. Well , macam mana palat pun situasi tetap kena stay positive and face the music........kena face the problem and not run away or go MIA.

We'll be fine.

A note for me : Do not jeopardize others with your actions.

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