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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lunch @ Rasa Nyonya Penang

More eating out story, hehehe! Makan....makan....makan.....with the same faces. Today's lunch was at Rasa Nyonya Penang @ Ampang Point. Dulu tempat ni restaurant Taiwan House tapi dah moved elsewhere. Years back when it was still Taiwan House , I pernah buat birthday party Yna & my school's reunion kat sini.

We dine upstairs. Boleh bersila. Lepas makan rasa nak tarik bantal-bantal & letak kepala pun ada.

This was what I had , Penang Assam Laksa & Ribena Sprite.....

Makanan-makanan lain......the rojak buah was good too.

Yna had Fish & Chips.....After they had lunch , they were dancing to the songs that was playing.

Food was OK. Ahhhhhhh......lepas ni kena gi studio......males!

1 comment:

  1. hye kak rima…pekaba?...anak2 sihat?

    lama tak jenguk blog yu…mana dumb cooking yu? tapi tak dumb pon…clever clever apa! Hehe...rindu i… jd utk ngubat rindu…selak la post lama2 yu nih…

    dan jugak ni nak mintak izin nk sedut resepi mac n cheese you eh?

    -wise cook-