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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Monday & Tuesday

Monday - 19th April 2010

Bercinta betul nak bangun pagi tadi. Bukan apa tapi sebab kena pergi bank. Malasnya tapi no choice. Kena pergi jugak. Parking susah sikit kat area tu.......Further more , I hate doing things on Mondays......duhhh!

Selesai urusan kat bank I went to Ampang Point , nak lunch dengan Kak Aida kat Taiwan House. Yum! Yum! Yum! Still have a little bit of time before my lunch date with Kak I headed to Cash & Converter. Thought of searching for 2nd hand karaoke vcd's for the studio. Tak de yang menarik. Ended buying some pretty looking giant paperclips for Yna's story books.

Since it's only RM2 per pack , I bought extras.......for my books too........
Sibuk betul si kenit,,,,,,,nak snap foto je tangan dia enter frame :-)

After lunch with Kak Aida......we went shopping kejap......bought 2 t-shirts.....

After lunch , rushed to fetch Yna at school , sent her to my parent's place and I rushed to the studio.....ada kelas vocal & kelas tarian dengan Cikgu Aris Kadir. Hari ni Cikgu Aris ajar tarian zapin.

Kak Sal of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka came to the studio. Antara individu berpengalaman dalam penulisan & teater. We had a fair discussion among us about the future of malay theater scene in Malaysia. Everyone has something different to say.......generasi lain-lain , mindset pun lain-lain......

Tuesday - 20th April 2010

Stayed home today. Yes! Lepas subuh & siapkan Yna sekolah , sambung tidur.....tidur....& tidur.....When Adriel woke up , I took him out of his baby cot. While he's playing by himself in the room , I sambung lelap mata lagi. Nanti bila dia boring , he'll climb up to the bed and started to climb on top of me.......

Lepas ambil Yna , we met MP at Jusco AU2 for late lunch. Hari ni MP nak makan kat Sakura Kristal.

Iced Honey Lemon & a glass of cold sieh...

Yna nak makan Nasi Putih with Sambal Udang Petai & Telur Dadar........hmmmm..........Nasi Goreng Cina without mix-veggie for Adriel. Susah Adriel nak makan sayur-sayur 3 colour tu.....

I had my favourite tofu Jongkong Emas. I suka balut the tofu with lettuce and dip into the dipping sauce........also ordered some salad but the portion was huge.......tak habis,,,,,tapau.

MP had hmmmm......Seafood tu lah & Otak-Otak......

Tersadai lepas makan........hehehe!

Last Sunday my dear Kak Aida lost her 17 years old nephew in an accident at Bukit Indah , Ampang. The photo above was taken from Kak Aida's FB. I held myself from writing death posts......but too many sad news of family , friends & familiar faces leaving us lately. One death news after another. My deepest condolences to the families of Yanie Mentor , Din Beramboi & Achik Spin........Al-Fatihah. May your souls RIP. Ameen.

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