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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Don't TGIF.......Long Friday Laaa......

On Friday I followed Kak Siti to Sekolah Menengah Aminuddin Baki. She has a talk there with SAB's choir group. Wohoooooo......the last time I stepped foot there was when my baby brother was a student at SAB........long long time ago.......1990 I guess. That's like 20 years ago. The school changed a lot over the years. To the better of course.

We were warmly greeted by Puan Wan Akmal (hope I got it right) who happens to be Raheel's mom. Super cool & a soft spoken lady. Sweet & pretty looking too. We rested for a while in the HM's room and later ushered to.........hmmmm........forgot what room lah but thank god it was fully air-conditioned. About 50 students waited patiently for Kak Siti coz when we arrived at the school's car park , me & Kak Siti stayed in the car for a while,,,,,,pouring our hearts to each other about some domestic issues. At least lately I can get loads of things out of my chest by sharing my domestic dilemmas with her and she did vice versa. Great. She knows what I wanted & needed and she's very supportive of it too.

Kak Siti at work.......with Raheel & mummy by her side. I was at the very back of the room.

Practical time.....students got an intro of the breathing technic & etc........It was a fun session for the students I'd say , even I enjoyed listening & looking at Kak Siti preaching words of wisdom about vocals.......hehehe! I can see so & so in this pic laa kan........ambik jugak lah.....

After SAB we had to rush back to the studio coz ada kelas with a new student. Memang berkejor hari ni.....tak sempat nak makan. Tadi lepas ambil Yna I bought some KFC lunch for Yna & my parents......tak sempat makan coz Kak Siti came and picked me up at my parents. Malas nak drive today.

After class kat studio kena pergi Mercu UEM near KL Sentral.........meeting with the choir group to give them lines for a singing job. Raheel-Ikmal-Nabilla tagged along coz they're in charged of the vocal arrangements & etc........I seriously was lost in KL. I don't know where I was with all the new roads & what nots........nampak jalan lama & familiar landmarks......baru tahu mana nak way am driving to that side or any other side of KL than my very own 'UK' region....huhuhu! Pass!

A note for me : Both our partners didn't do us any justice today. We're leaving domestic matters at the very back of our mind for now as we have work to do. You don't like? That's your problem dude....not us. The show must go on. Kapish!

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