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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

High-Tea @ The Legend

Took Adrenna for a high-tea on Saturday , I was working late last night and MP was not happy with that. Hmmmmm.......guess he's not use of seeing me work at nite. Been a housewife for almost 10 years and only now am starting to continue doing what I love to do........even though not as a front liner but am happy to make music part of my life again. This month am pretty occupied , I had no choice , I seriously have to work. No one else to run the studio but myself & Kak Siti. I'm supposed to go to the studio on Saturday as there's group rehearsals with team UEM - Twintech & Ikmal........but........for the sake of domestic & marriage peace,,,,,I skipped work and attended my family even though I know I had to monitor what's going on at the studio as Kak Siti herself will not be there. I felt bad. Thank god , Raheel & his team was there to take charge and Kak Siti understood my situation.

My strength......I have a big dream to get something big for her and I hope that I can put a big smile on her face,,,,,,,,,,insya'allah. Me & Yna disagree on many things but we've bonded & understood each other well. Weeks ago , I stayed up with Yna and watched a Malay classic 'Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup'. In the scene where the mother was running away from her kids heading towards the batu puaka......she started to weep silently. Then she asked me if she can sit with we watched the scene together.........Yna started to cry non-stop on my lap. I hugged her tight. She later asked me , if anything happens........will I leave her & Adriel? I said No.....I love you dear A and I know you do too.........

The high-tea was so so laa.....

Started with some Yong Tow Foo & Dim Sums......then another plate of,,,,,,,as seen in pic....hehehe!

Some rojak buah & pasembur.......then,,,,,,shared a plate of bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce with my daughter. Last sekali I ada ambil ABC tapi with just the Ice-Susu-Sirap Rose-Kacang favourite way of consuming the ABC.

Today's high-tea was being held at the Gen Japanese Restaurant and not at the Di-Atas Brasserie like always but only for last Saturday as the coffee house was being booked for a function.

We've got a good view of metro & suburbs of KL.......

While waiting for MP to pay the bill,,,,,,,,time for some pics....

Going home....going home.....owh! no belum lagi.......we headed to Parkson , belikan Yna a pair of shoes.

On the way home MP nak singgah kat Courts , Jalan Genting Kelang. MP nak beli tilam baru for katil Yna. MP suka yang keras......yang kalau tidur.....tilam tu tak kan tenggelam but I suka yang spring! Kalau tidur , syok je badan ikut tenggelam sekali.......My bed pakai yang kejong ni laa.....I had to tinggikan my pillows to support my back when I sleep,,,,,,,,kalau tak memang sakit belakang bila bangun tidur. Yang kat bilik Yna guna yang spring.......masa I pregnant-kan Adriel , every night I'll sleep in Yna's room sebab kalau tak memang sakit belakang I. Now , si Yna gasak dok main lompat-lompat atas katil dia dengan Adik Mok,,,,,,,,,MP decided to change it.

MP saw an offer in the papers about the kat Courts ada Big Games Savings Sale.......bila pergi tengok kat Courts,,,,,MP tak berkenan. Ended buying tilam yang tak de sale.....hehehe! Coz we're paying cash.....procedure tak lah sampai kena tunggu lama.......kalau tak,,,,,hadoooi!

Sihat member dapat tilam baru........Yna kata tak de hal kalau tilam dia tak spring lagi......she will keep on jumping on it till.............hehehe!.,......Papa.....I need a new tilam......Owh! yeahhhh.....that's my baby....hahaha!

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