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Thursday, April 8, 2010

At Home & At Work

At Home

Yna is a big fan of P.Ramlee. Dari dia 4 tahun lagi dia dah mula tengok filem-filem P.Ramlee and asked me to buy VCD's of his movies. Ingat lagi......she can watch the movies over and over again. Yna loves to watch filem-filem komedi by P.Ramlee but she also loves watching genre yang berat-berat like Anakku Sazali , Sarjan Hassan , Hang Tuah & others.

Ni sekarang ni time cuti sekolah , tiap-tiap pagi Yna will watch movie-movie P.Ramlee on Astro. Tak jemu langsung. Like today , we watched Madu 3 together.......hilarious.

Earlier I ordered Mc Donald's for me and the kids. Sambil layan cerita P.Ramlee belasah McD for late breakfast & lunch.

At Work

Malam ni ada few vocal classes. Ada discussions with some friends to sort out suitable programs for the 14 students from China that's currently doing practical at the studio till end of May.

We also had this idea to form an all girl band with Yna in it. A very junior version of Feminine or Elite......hehehe! Nanti kalau everything dah properly sorted out , we'll open an audition at the studio for girls aged 8-10 who can sing and dance. 7 girls needed. This will be a fun project.

Sahri of AF1 dropped by and while waiting for Kak Siti to finish her class , I had a chat with Sahri. We talked about his juniors in AF8.

We also talked about an award show that I saw on TV recently. The winners that night was so predictable. Those yang ada drama or things associated with the particular TV station will surely win. Popular DJ went to Hot FM's Faizal something,,,,,,,defeating Era's Aznil & Din Beramboi......Oh come on! Aizat won naturally because he won Juara Lagu this year. Black won best new comer obviously because he won Mentor.....Oh! dear........Another nightmare was Popular TV Actress & Actor award........OMG! Just because the pair acted in the never ending Nur Kasih........the award goes to them. Aiyooo! Nangis aku. Popular female comedian goes to my friend Noor Khiriah........oh my,,,, and I thought another friend of mine Didie Alias was the funny one. If it was based on undi......well , Malaysian voters is still cloudy with what their doing. Oh! I get it......Didie in a way dah jadi orang Astro laa after Sehati Berdansa & now hosting a TV show on Astro. Patut laa tak menang.

At first MP didn't believe me but when I repeatedly announced the winners before the award presenters did..........he turned to me and said,,,,,,why don't artistes boycotted the award show knowing such thing is happening in front of their eyes?'re talking about Malaysian artiste......cowards & lalang. Most of them anyway.

Mana category yang memang tak boleh nak cover line like popular TV presenter , popular male comedian......tu depa bagi laa kat artis-artis Astro. Obviously Aznil was the choice for popular male TV question about that and Nabil is still IN for popular comedian despite all the mishaps that's happening around him.

Another thing about the show that night , I was so annoyed when one after another artiste went on thanking and seeking apologies on national tv to this particular journalist.,,,,,as though this journalist owned the entire show or press company. Why? I understand if we were to respect certain people but actions by these artistes shows like they are afraid of this particular journalist. I just can't relate to that. Artiste should have thanked or said sorry to the journalist off screen.

Peeps,,,,,we've seen many award shows like the Oscar's & Grammy' will usualy thanked the academy or association in general but not the individual who helped put the show together.

AIM is coming and Ramli MS's ex wife Marina Thompson is the orang kuat for AIM tiap-tiap tahun......tak de pulak artis naik ambil award and thanked Marina for her tireless effort to put the show together from A-Z. *Kalau ada pun,,,,,,,,,jarang sekali kita dengar* Why? Coz Marina is not an editor or a journalist at any local press? She's just a figure in the industry so nothing to be afraid off. She can't do 'us artiste' any harm. She can't write anything about 'us artiste'.....duhhhh! Boo Malaysian shallow minded.

I admit that artiste is very much in need of the press but we don't have to lick ass laaa.......we can always be nice and respect them. They're human being as well and they'll know if you're bodek-ing them or being yourself. Kita tak buta and press pun tak buta OK.

Adriel dok godeh phone Mak Iti dia......Mak Iti selalu dapat sms kosong dari Adriel when he plays with my phone.

A note for me : Just my thoughts. I might be wrong but again , it's my thoughts *wink*

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  1. agreed...maybe most of them kind of 'afraid' with the said journalist because they seems have some 'power' to write bad or good thing about them. for me, its not a respect, its a kipas2 thingy la. dont know la what will happen in future for awards like this. btw, its based on how popular the artist was, not how quality they are. maybe aim is the best award for emphasizing the qualitiy of artist and productions. being popular doesnt means that they're in quality circles, and vice versa. peace, have a nice day! oh..and its one will able to replace p.ramlee..