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Monday, March 8, 2010

What's On Page 40?

I remembered that there are few gentle readers of mine who asked me of what's on page 40 in the book 'Misteri Solat Subuh' that made me cry........

Here's what on it.....

On that page , I learned that God said that "Doa / asked Me and I shall grant your wishes". He also said that He is always near us and He gave an assurance that He will grant wishes of those who doa / asked from Him.

Walaupun kalian dah tahu but just to share......Allah akan turun ke langit bumi pada setiap malam , ketika sepertiga malam yang terakhir. Dia berkata "Mana hambaKu yang berdoa untuk Aku kabulkan (doanya)? Mana hambaKu yang meminta KepadaKu untuk Aku penuhi (permintaannya)? Mana hambaKu yang beristighfar untuk Aku ampuni (dosanya)?"..........a Hadith by Imam Al-Bukhari.

How can I not cry to know that God , Allah , The Almighty Himself make such an effort every nite without fail to come close to grant our wishes , to fulfill our requests , to erase our sins but many didn't wake up and ask from Him for all those things....

His actions for coming near us every nite clearly shows that He has so much love for us. That is exactly what I would wanna do when I'm in love with someone.....I would wanna be close to the person whenever I all times. Konsep kasih sayang antara Tuhan & hamba - manusia sesama manusia is actually the same. Oh dear I deserve your love after being the person I am all this while.....I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

This reminded me of another brilliant religious song by music genius Ahmad Dhani "Sedang Ingin Bercinta"

A note for me : Sheikh Siti Jenar saying Aku Tuhan.....

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