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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Took The Kids For Karaoke

Sehari suntuk I lepak dengan Kak Aida - Normi & Bob.....then I went to fetch Yna and later joined Kak Aida & the rest of the 15 kids at Wangsa Walk. Mulanya nak bawak budak-budak tu main bowling tapi the place was full. Waiting list pun panjang sangat. Alternative , bawak budak-budak tu pergi Superstar Karaoke.

Kak Aida took 2 rooms. Satu untuk girls & satu untuk boys. Bilik sebelah......

Hehehe! First song depa nyanyi was 'Bad Romance' from Lady Gaga!

Hehehe! Serious nyanyi tuh....

I had to leave Yna with Kak Aida coz ada kelas......later MP came and picked Yna kat Wangsa Walk.

Makan ramai-ramai lepas nyanyi.........Kak Aida later text me saying that MP kena tunggu another hour before he can take Yna home......hehehe! Nasib baik dia OK pulak. Huhhhh!

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