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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teppanyaki Lunch After Sports Day

I've not been in my 'blog update' mode these couple of days. Just plain lazy , I guess. Driving........makes me so tired. I just wanna go to bed and tuck myself in early every nite. By 11pm,,,,,,am off to zz land.

Ni continue dari hari sukan Yna hari tu..........from school we headed to Jusco Alpha Angle coz I really wanted to eat some vegetable tempura. Tekak teringin sangat tapi bila sampai Jusco , Mr. Teppanyaki tutup pulak. Hmmmmm.........nasib baik mood MP baik so bila I suggested that we go to Jusco AU2 , dia OK. Lupa pulak I kat Jusco only has Teppanyaki tapi dalam menu dia tak ada tempura. Clearly , tak de rezeki I nak makan tempura that day. Syukur je lah dapat makan. Tak nak komplen-komplen. Makan je apa yang ada.

Chicken Teppanyaki - Gyoza - California Roll - a bowl of soft egg tofu. Adriel belasah semangkuk benda alah ni.

Lepas makan masuk Jusco kejap. I nak beli puting botol susu for Adriel. Tengah I bayar , MP letak Adriel kat buaian ni.......jenoh kena pujuk Adriel turun sebab dia syok naik buai tu. Dekat RM600 buaian tu......ngeri je.

Bawak the kids main-main kat playland Jusco , Adriel dah pandai nak main-main so seronok tengok gelagat dia.

Semua benda dia tengok , dia nak cuba. He's a natural when it comes to handling the steerings ........hmmm.......just like pappy laa tu. Kalau ikut I , memang tak kuasa....hehehe!

Glad that MP was in the mood to layan the kids today. Think MP's happy to see Adriel dah boleh main itu , main ini......

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