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Saturday, March 13, 2010

School's Reunion Coming!

With a group of ex-St. Marian's , we're planning to do a reunion on May 2nd at Kelab Darul Ehsan. Selalunya I'll team-up with few school mates of my '89 batch to do small gatherings but starting last year , we've team-up with our seniors from batch '87 to organize a bigger reunion. As for me , kalau seniors batch '87 buat reunion,,,,,,,you'll most likely to see me there too , simply because during my school days , I'll be hanging around with the seniors rather than my own batch. Only when batch '87 left,,,,,,,,,,baru banyak lepak dengan my own batch. Nasib baik my batch tak buang I ke laut....hehehe!

Mulanya planning nak buat reunion ni macam tahun-tahun lepas je.....just the '89 & '87 batch and jemput juniors & St. Marian's yang lagi senior to join us tapi bila dah guna Facebook to spread the news..........banyak pulak batch yang nak join sekali......bagus laa tu , dapat mengeratkan silaturahmi :-)

So here , kalau ada ex-St. Marians *especially masa the school was still located in Jalan Tengah , KL* yang nak join us , you are most welcome. Our head mistress Miss E.N. Richards most probably will be joining us. Member pun ada FB siehhh! Ngeri je kan....hahaha! Dia ingat pulak muka-muka kita yang ala-ala 'Jin Notti' kat sekolah dulu....huhuhu!

Nothing grand planned coz we're not an alumni just ex-students wanting to gather old friends for hi-tea.....catch up on things......see how we look like after all these freakin' years......that's it. Apa? Nak panggil Anuar Zain perform? Ada 30-40K , no problem dek non......we can call him. As for now dengar je lah Kak Aida - Normi - Bob - Kak Lizza - Mazwin - Sherry - Ojai & few others nyanyi lagu sekolah aka bebel aka jerit kat event tu nanti.....hehehe! I tak nyanyi? Huhuhu......I mana boleh nyanyi......lagi mahal dari Anuar Zain maaa! Hahahaa!

Event : St. Mary's School 2010 Reunion
Time : 1pm - 5pm
Venue : Kelab Darul Ehsan , Taman TAR , Ampang Jaya
Price : RM50 per pax
Dress Code : Yellow & Blue

To fellow St. Marian's , see you at the reunion.

Stay United & Strong!

A note for me : Was browsing the net for stories on my school and was proud to see my name stated among the Notable Alumnae section on St. Mary's School Wikipedia *wink*.

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