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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pissed Off....Get Lost!

In my mind : Suka hati aku laa nak tengok wayang time apa pun. Kau sebok apasal? Kalau sebab tu aku dapat dosa & masuk neraka.....apa ada kena mengena dengan kau , sial!

Malas cerita banyak.

To those yang tak suka dengan apa yang I buat , just don't come back. Leave my blog. I don't need anyone like you here.

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1 comment:

  1. Hyi....

    Abt the "maghrib" thingy, just fogedit... i once attended Anthony Robbins seminar and a co-speaker mentioned....

    "When u get angry by what people say, it means u allow people to control ur life.... the angrier you are, the more space u allow them to control ur life/emotion".. now you figure out how much space have you allowed noripah or watever her name is in ur life..

    As u know, Malays are naturally trained to "show" off politeness, kindness, all the good"ness"es... we have to potray that we are good from far despite the fact that we are far from good.... eg: hypocricy... some will even mark you as berbangga buat dosa... well, someone used to tease me before...

    Now that you are aware that you are a bigger person and you don't have to stoop down to her level, just say nice things, stay calm and the most important thing you don't belong to her class..

    Take care