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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out With The Kids

I've been waiting to see Alice In Wonderland since last year. Can't wait to see character actor Johnny Deep in action. Sent Adriel to my parent's place and took my nephews Rhyan & Rhyzat out with me. Fetched Yna at school and had lunch with the kids at the school's canteen. Then off to MBO Galaxy.

Lepas beli ticket , minum-minum dulu kat MBO tu......

Ni I baru bawak 3 kids , macam mana laa Kak Aida bawak 15 orang sekali.........salute.

Alice In Wonderland was simply awesome!

After the movie singgah rumah my parents to fetch Adriel. Sampai BA took the kids for a walk to the park nearby my place.........

It's Adriel's 1st outdoor playground experience. He was so excited!

Hmmmmm..........looking at him grow each day.......priceless.

Yna had fun playing badminton with cousin Rhyan.

Ni baru betul-betul buaian taman , bukan buaian mainan 600 ringgit yang Adriel suka sangat macam yang kat Jusco hari tu. Dia tak suka laaa buaian taman ni.....hissshhh.....kecik-kecik dah pandai pilih tuh.....

My happy little girl!

Seronok jugak sesekali bawak budak-budak ni pergi main-main kat taman............berpeluh-peluh I petang tu layan kerenah budak-budak ni. Tapi nasib baik dah stok-kan drinks & snacks for us all at the park.

They had a great time playing , I had a great time making them feel happy. Mission accomplished. Balik rumah , mandi!!!!!!!!!

MP took us all for dinner at Al-AzMaju. Later my brother & SIL came to the house to fetch the boys. terasa sangat-sangat penat. Lepas anak-anak tidur , I took a quick hot shower. Dozing off was super fast tonight!


  1. beshnye.. dh lama xbwk sami g playground.. adik mok tu geramnyeeeeeeeeeee.. for sure i tokleh jumpa.. kalu jumpa adik mok patu dia nangis paham2 la..dia kena gigit la tu ngan i hahahaha geram geram!

  2. da besar da Adriel... how time flies kan Kak Rima?