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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Out For Dinner @ Rasa Nyonya Penang

Siang tadi after the birthday party , went home for a while....relatives from Kelantan came over. Kelam kabut tak sempat ambil pics & etc. Then I rushed to the studio pulak. Kesian Kak Siti sorang-sorang kat studio on a Sunday. By waktu Maghrib *yaaa....waktu Maghrib* kelas habis & we all went home. I took Yna along with me. Later we went out for dinner with my mom whom patiently took care of my baby while I was out and about today.

Soalan standard from MP bila naik kereta nak pergi makan....."Nak makan kat mana ni?".....malam ni terus I suruh MP to take us to this newly opened restaurant near Jalan Kelab Ukay area.

The place was OK & comfortable.......ada outdoor seating as well. Ramai jugak family yang datang dinner malam tu. It has a big Halal sign at the entrance.


Some tofu - fish ball soup - ginger beef

omelette - butter prawns - kailan ikan masin

The food's OK but I don't really enjoy it coz it's the normal stuff that we used to order. In the menu it has Penang authentic nyonya dishes like the nyonya version of fish head curry & other spicy dishes. With MP , dia tak kaki kari kepala ikan.....tak kaki tom yam.....tak kaki spicy food so kalau I order....I nak kena habiskan sorang-sorang. Tak kuasa. Tapi ,,,, the next time datang makan kat sini....I wanna at least try 1 spicy dish.

Now you know why I love wearing roses hair-clips. I love both Rose Sr & Rose Jr , so I took them everywhere I go......hehehe!

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