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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MP Turns 50!

March 22nd MP turns 50! Wished him happy birthday on the strike of midnite last nite. So hari ni tak payah nak hantar sms birthday or wish him again & etc. It's just another day that we have to go through. I've asked MP last nite if he has any plans to take us out for dinner or what so ever but he said "dunno yet"..........OK.

Tonite ada class kat studio , again,,,,,,I asked MP if he has any plans tonite sebab kalau ada......I'll tell Kak Siti that I have something on and excuse myself from studio time tonite. Still , till late afternoon.....I got a "tengok lah".

OK off to the studio. Dropped the kids at my parents. Around 8:30pm-ish MP called asking me where to go and eat....Huh???? And asked me to get the kids and meet him at De Palma Hotel. Hmmmmmmm.......class baru

Called MP back and asked him to pick the kids and,,,,,,,told him that I wanna go and have some Japanese food at Oasis @ Flamingo Hotel. Am really craving for Vegetable Tempura dari masa sport's day Yna lagi........still tak dapat-dapat makan tempura. After having a 'fair' discussion with MP via the phone *hmmmmm.....* , he reluctantly agreed....hehehe!

MP obviously didn't plan to go further than Ampang area as he came with his 3/4 jeans , t-shirt & slippers.

Birthday kisses to dear padre from his hija & hijo.

Hmmmmm.........speaking of masih tak ada rezeki nak makan vegetable tempura even though am already in an all Japanese restaurant! Uwaaaaa.........The waiter gave me the menu and I looked through it & there's not even 1 Japanese food in it! I asked the waiter , what happened to the Japanese menu? He simply replied that they don't serve Japanese food at night. Memang rasa marah sangat. What if we came all the way from Subang to Ampang only to learn that the restaurant made such an arrangement. I was angry , hilang mood nak bercakap , hilang mood nak gelak......memang hilang mood. MP knew that I was angry. Kalau ikut hati,,,,,,kalau I sorang-sorang mesti I dah belah. But I tengok MP tak marah pun so I didn't want to make things worse. Sebab kalau MP marah lagi buruk situasi.

The other thing that made me quickly snapped out of the anger vibe was when I realized that He was the one who had orchestrated this whole 'tempura' episode for me.

My tempura cravings started 10 days ago on Yna's sport day when we had gone to a Japanese eatery , Mr Teppanyaki only to discover that it was closed for business *of all the days*. Then on the same day we went to another Japanese eatery , Teppanyaki but too bad no tempura was being served there. Hahhhhhh! Having tempura in my mind everyday until the night that I went out for dinner with my BIL at Shang......on the way there I told Yna , for sure there will be Japanese food served including tempuras. unlucky was I. They did serve Sashimi & Sushi..........too bad , no Tempura. Keeping my craving within myself , tonite I took the opportunity to end my tempura craving by going to a Japanese restaurant,,,,,,,,huhuhu! Still no luck. There and then I know that He is testing my faith in Him. I then smiled an take another look at the menu and ordered some food.

I realized that Dia tetap mahu bagi I rezeki yang bagus-bagus & enak-enak di tempat yang molek & selesa walaupun ianya bukan makanan yang I teringin sangat nak makan....Ya Tuhan,,,,,,I'm sorry and I'm very grateful for Your love towards me. How imperfect I was but You still wanna give........

On another note , deep inside my heart , it felt like He is answering my daily prayers. I feel that this is His way of communicating with me and to let me know that I will get what I've been asking for from Him , one day. All He wants from me is to have lots of patience and to trust Him. Yes.....with this heart that You gave , Insya'allah I will have that patience dear God. I'll wait. Amin.

Hmmmmm.......apa lagi,,,,,,order! order! order! Hehehe! I ordered Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce & fried dumplings. The food's good.

In front of Oasis. Ingat aaaa.......this is a Japanese restaurant serving good Japanese food but only during the day. At night they replaced the Japanese menu with Asian & Western delights. Mee goreng , tom yum pun ada......huhuh! So much for a Japanese restaurant. Tapi,,,,,kelakar kan? Why they do that? Japanese restaurant konon.....*masih ngomel jugak nih.....hehehe!*

The next day , I bought these Cucur Bawang & Tauhu Sumbat for tea. Balik kerja MP boleh makan depan TV.

Bought 2 pieces of Cheese Cake to celebrate MP's birthday walaupun I very well know that MP tak kaki cake daripada I beli sebiji kek with flavour yang I tahu dia takkan makan.....baik lah I beli cake yang I akan makan. Hehehe! I bought my all time favourite cheese cake , Marble Cheese Cake. Yang lagi satu I beli was California Cheese cake.....tak syok coz ada rasa lemon. Tak de ingredient label kat cake tu , kalau I tahu a lemon for sure I tak beli. Not my taste tapi dah beli.....belasah jugak lah. I love cheese cakes tapi kalau yang ada blueberry , pun I sik suka. Another favourite cheese cake of mine is Mocha Cheese Cake.......heaven! Tapi tak de pulak kat Splendid. Kat Secret Recipe memang ada.

So,,,,,,,,,,this is for you partner! Happy Birthday.

A note for me : Cheese cake.......Cis! Bedebah! *wink*

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  1. hepy birthday cnmpak mcm 50 pun kak rima..nmpak muda jer...:)