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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Malas Malas Malas......

Still not into doing any cooking. But......still have to eat.

So , this is for lunch & dinner today! Beli kat warung kueh kat atas Bukit Antarabangsa ni.

Makcik yang jual kueh tu kata ni Nasi Ambang.........sambal kelapa manis & sambal goreng with ayam. Not bad. Kenyang. MP pun I belikan satu for his dinner.

Bought bubur ayam for Adriel & soto mee hoon for Yna's lunch. Bought another soto nasi for MP's makan petang.

Pulut kuning with rendang ayam for Yna's dinner & tahu goreng with kentang + sambal kicap for my dinner.

Hmmmmm......air pun malas nak buat.....beli kat 7/11. Melampau kan? Hahaha! 100+ for MP , Ice Lemon Tea for me , Twister Apple for Yna & Ribena for Adriel. Alhamdulillah , the food was tasty , nobody sakit perut..........everyone kenyang.

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