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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Khalifah Seni" - My Song For P. Ramlee

I wrote this song in 2006 as a tribute for the late Tan Sri Dr P. Ramlee. Never been released. I really look up to this man. I not only see him as a Seniman but beyond that. He is a very special man. He can foresee the future. He sees things that we didn't. I truly admire this man & his thinking a great deal.

Through his movies , I'll discover many many hidden religious teachings in it. Every scene tells a'll have to look closer to discover the religious secrets , life lessons & etc. In his jokes......and in the scene that will make us laugh our heads off.......that's where his heavy messages & teachings lies. Gone too soon but always remembered.

I've stopped singing & doing vocal recordings since I got married in 2000. In 2006 , when I started doing a musical tribute project for P. Ramlee , I did all the research , interviewed his family members-friends & yes.....enemies *I know who they are* , wrote a chronology of P.Ramlee from his birth till death , visited Shaw Brothers in Singapore ,,,,,,, I grew fonder of this incredible man. It's like he is still alive and telling me his life story.........I swear that I can feel his presence.......even a non-believer of the spiritual world like MP , admitted feeling as though he's with us.

Me @ Jalan Ampas , Singapura.

Our film crew inside of Studio Jalan Ampas of Shaw Brothers. Masuk area ni , we can feel the studio came alive.......once , studio ni sibuk......but now.....very sad.

Me , MP , Zainal Alam Kadir *the host* , Kak Shidah *my SIL in Singapore* , Mus *my BIL in Johore* & crew at the ever famous bridge in the movie Madu Tiga.

Even took my parents , aunty & uncle to location @ Rumah P.Ramlee

While shooting a video clip with Halil Chik for the song "Dengarlah Gemala Hati" , one of my favourite song.

MP's good buddy back in JB *MP cakap Amy selalu lepak kat rumah dia in JB masa mudo-mudo dulu.....Amy sama batch dengan MP's brother Mus...* , we got Amy Search to sing P.Ramlee's "Merak Kayangan".....memang awesome dia nyanyi lagu ni....

MP & partner with legendary director Dato' L. Krishnan. In another pic , MP talking to Almarhumah Seniwati Kasma Booty.

MP & team with Uncle Kuswadinata & Jins Shamsuddin. must be wondering what's MP doing here....hehehe! I talked MP to do this P. Ramlee project. He & partner invested almost 2M for this 26 episode tribute program for Tan Sri P. Ramlee. MP & partner is the Producer and I'm the Executive Producer :-)

All this inspired me to sing again. P. Ramlee made me sing again. I composed the song "Khalifah Seni" specially for him. Yes , to me.......P.Ramlee is a Khalifah Seni.

I hope you'll enjoy the song and excuse my singing.........suara dah berkarat la der.....hehehe!

Sang by Rima Rashidi
Song by Rima Rashidi
Lyrics by Rima Rashidi
Vocal Arrangements by Rima Rashidi
Back-up Vocals by Rima Rashidi & Nick
Music Arrangements by Rima Rashidi & Mazly
Produced by Rima Rashidi

Hmmmmm..........kalau masuk competition & menang.....kaya akak dek....semua akak buat...huhuhu! Semangat P.Ramlee maa.....semua boleh buat sendiri.

This is my birthday gift for Almarhum Teuku Nyak Puteh Teuku Zakaria aka P. Ramlee. Al-Fatihah.

Happy listening , peeps!

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