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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Remember You Doc

Today my phone reminder alarm went off at 12noon. I've set it to remind me of the day my dear Dr Haliza left me & my kids. Today's the 1st anniversary of her leaving us. I was driving when the alarm went buzzing , I parked my car by the road side for a while and recited the Al-Fatihah for her......I can't help but shed my tears thinking of the Bukit Tabuh incident. So tragic. I know that I miss her still. I do.

I wish that you're still with us but I know now that you are living peacefully in heaven. I love you. I miss you and Yes,,,,,,I remember you Doc.

A note for me : Al-Fatihah to Almarhum Dr Amin Tai

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  1. Tks Rima. You still remember her. We miss her every single day. A small family gathering and tahlil will be held this Sunday at Masjid Tmn Melawati Phase 5 after Zohor prayer. You are always welcome to join us.