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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home Alone

1st March 2010

After so so I was home alone by myself. Well , even though for few hours. I was indeed alone!

This morning I had to send my mom home coz she stayed at my place for the weekend. Bila dah sampai rumah my parents , Adriel saw his Atok and meraung nak Atok dia dukung. I pun tinggalkan Adriel with his grandparents & headed back to Bukit Antarabangsa to do my chores. Senang sikit coz Adik Mok tak de. I kena hantar baju kat laundry & buy lunch. Hari ni tak de studio hour coz Kak Siti kena pergi studio AF kat Shah Alam.

Beli lunch kat Al-AzMaju. Hari ni I pergi awal so lauk memang banyak. I called MP to ask him dia nak lauk apa. Senang kerja , beli lauk now & panaskan later for his dinner. Since am alone today,,,,,am not gonna be formal & hidang-hidang bagai. Ambil pinggan , letak nasi , letak lauk.....and makan. Lepas makan nanti baru I atur-atur balik.

I had tempe goreng - rendang ayam - sambal goreng kentang & tempe - sambal tempoyak.

Hehehe! Syok sungguh hari ni. Lepas makan......naik atas.....berlenggeng.....tengok tv.....went online......hahhhhhhh!!!! Kalau lah,,,,,,,,,nevermind,,,,,,,imagine pun cukup lah. Bila agik aku dapat diam di rumah sorang-sorang cam tok?

A note for me : Took the opportunity to wish my friend Barry Williams in Coventry ,West Midlands , England a very happy 57th birthday via text message. The best of everything to you my dear friend.

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  1. salam kak rima...baru ari ni sy jumpe blog kak rima..rindunya ngan kak rima n anak2..jenuh tau mencari blog kak rima...jgnlah nk private2 kan lg blog..sedih...