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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hair Colouring Done

I finally did my hair colouring sessions done over the weekend. I'm sure many of you still do the hair colouring thingy for beauty purposes & to cover up your gray hairs and are absolutely fine with it , rite.......Owh well , just my an Anonymous reader left a comment saying that an easy solution to cover gray hairs is to wear the tudung.....hmmmm.....clever idea yet stupid concept. Zahir tutup , Batin tak tutup. Many out there and I don't wanna be one.

Another Kak Noripah species trying hard to ruin my day........oh! boy.....

I'm blessed with all the goodness in life,,,,,I have tudung & hijab wearing family members & friends & many gentle readers who do not judge my sincerity of telling my story here. So I coloured my hair over the weekend , what crime have I committed? Realizing that there are many black hearted & troubled readers out there who loves reading my blog but at the same time are trying so hard to dig on my mistakes......hahhhhhh........tak penat ke?

Because of people like this poor celebrity like Siti Nurhaliza had no freedom to wear her hair as she wishes. She's hanging in between covering her hair & not. And by doing so *half covered & God knows why she came out with all sorts of hair piece fashion*....It's not fair to give her such pressure just because she said that she'd cover-up once she got married. We said many things that we didn't put up to so why can't we give her the space and allowance for her to decide what's best for her?

Forcing is not the way in Islam.

Need I say more? NO.

Before colouring my hair.....owh! If there's any 'Kak Noripah' reading this post.....please do me a favour will you? Will you doa that God will give me His hidayah for me to cover up or will you just say....lantak kau lah Rima....kau doa lah sendiri...*in your heart**wink* Whatever your actions & reactions might be from this small request by me , that is the real you & not me *wink* (MJ : I'm bad? Who's bad?)

After colouring my know what???? even though if am wearing the tudung , I'll keep on colouring my hair and will hide the gray hairs until I can't hide it anymore. Why? Simply because I wanna look beautiful for my man. Wearing a tudung is not a ticket for woman to neglect the beauty of ones hair *wink again*

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