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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got My Tempura With A High Price Tag

Took a few days off blogging since "Suey Day".......not affected by anything , just needed a break from using my brain to write.....but I did a lot of thinking.......still tak rehat otak jugak......hahaha!

So my keinginan yang teramat untuk nak makan Yasai Tempura dah tercapai......tapi tu comes with a high price tag for wanting to eat 'sayur goreng celup tepung '. The incident made my think these week I've been doing lots of prayers in the wee hours....asking for signs , assurance & etc from Him.

What I wanted in life is to have passion. Passion & intimacy with everything attached to me. I still have it in some areas but a huge part of passion had gone missing in my life and that is awful. Hard to lead my daily life without having those passion in me. Big hole. Partly empty.

I always look at things in a different way. We don't get great cravings I guess that's why we Malays believe that when an expected mother has cravings,,,,,,we have to try our best to give her what she wanted coz being pregnant means it's either the mother live or better give her what she craved for in order to avoid unwanted things to happen. Kepercayaan.....but why with cravings?

Sampai ada yang suruh jilat or cium tapak tangan kalau tak dapat apa yang diidamkan,,,,,takut kempunan katanya........

Kita pun ada cerita dongeng Melayu 'Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup' , where being kempunan can leads to suicide!.....dahyat tu....

There must be something or a big secret about ones cravings..........

I don't demand big things in life. Am happy being what I am today. OK at where I am now.

I have big things but I do need small things to be fulfilled.

I 'mengidam' small and cheap things like 'Vegetables' not meat or poultry or fish or even the expensive caviar. I could have dunk the vegetables in a flour mixture and deep fry it myself but no....I wanted the real thing. The real Yasai Tempura......Yang tulen and not yang tiruan....

Truth is , from this whole Yasai Tempura chronology , in a way,,,,,I got my answers.

By now , you'll think I'm crazy........hehehe!

You're entitled to that. I don't mind at all. Simply because you don't know what I asked of God.

Am writing it down anyway for my own reference in future.

I got what I want , takes some time , lots of patience needed and I have to share! Hehehe........

You see,,,,,I went to 3 Japanese restaurant in search of a Yasai Tempura but failed to get it. I finally got my Yasai Tempura at a Thai-Japanese restaurant. Not at a fully Japanese food restaurant. That's another clue for me to keep in mind......prepared.

To get my Yasai Tempura wasn't it after several attempts......and after getting it , I'm still tangled with some problems. Easy to solve problems but made complicated by human.

OK folks! Don't think of my deep thoughts or you'll go wacko! Hehehe!

On the surface.......
  1. Lunch @ Octopus = RM90
  2. Yna's T-Shirt = RM45
  3. Car Battery = RM300
  4. Unlock Car = RM180
  5. Car Park = RM15
All in RM630 in just short 4 hours.

Semua sayur goreng celup tepung punya pasal.

Tapi kan........tekad.....bulat......janji dapat......janji bahagia *wink*

My drink , cold green tea......& MP had Mango Blended.

Yna had Saba Shioyaki aka Grilled Mackeral.....the fish was good. Some Fish Tofu for Adik Mok.

MP had Chicken Teriyaki Set & some delicious Glass Noodle Salad for me.

Oh My.......the longgggggggg sort afterrrrrrrrr Yasai Tempura for me , me , me!!!!. A-ri-ga-to!

Enjoying our meal..........before disaster strikes at the basement carpark......hahaha!

Octopus @ Ampang Point , serving Thai & Japanese food selection.

A note for me : Food for the I can relate to the sayings *smile*

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  1. it's a lifelong learning sis...Allah has His own plan...bila nak dtg Ampang eh? hahaha..dunnolah..skrg ni asyik kena stay back lab smp subuh je...