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Friday, March 12, 2010

From Classic To New Template

Am not good in changing templates and what nots as am scared that I might loose my blog settings. *Then I'll have to trouble my mate Paul in the States again for tiny tiny html matters & etc* but before disturbing Paul thought I'd give it a shot first. I had too try do it coz when I went through my archives , many posts were not being displayed. Say if I have 30 posts posted in October 2009 by clicking the October 2009 link,,,,,,,only 8 or 10 posts were being displayed. What happened to the rest of my posts? I browsed through my blog today only to discover the problem. I've set my blog to show 30 - 50 - even the maximum 500 posts on my main page but it didn't work.

Also checked the blogger help forum page and am not the only one facing the problem. Switching to the new template enable my gentle readers to just click 'older posts' & 'previous post' much for an IT late bloomer like me........dunno why but I'm always comfortable with the old style , old way , old things , old man.......oooopppsss! hahaha.........

Problem solved I hope.......

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