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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Salad Pun OK Lah tummy felt so bloated. Apa lagi , thanx to me not getting my menses for 1 year + now.........uwwwaaaaa! I miss those flowing red devils,,,,hehehe!

These few days tak lalu makan sangat. Makan tetap makan tapi appetite tak macam selalu , ......tapi,,,,,,bagus laa jugak. Dah 2 malam dah I had salads for dinner. Tapi beb , my salad bukannya salad untuk yang nak betul-betul berdiet's filled with.......hmmmm.....benda-benda yang I suka laa...hehehe!

My salad has Romaine Lettuce - Japanese Cucumber - Sweet Cherry Tomatoes - 2 half boiled eggs - beef pepperoni sliced - Salad Cream & Caesar Salad Dressing. Black pepper je tak letak.....habis :-(

I quickly stir fry the beef pepperonis with some butter. The whole bunch of romaine lettuce used in my salad. Some cucumber & tomatoes..........

In goes the delicious beef pepperonis & pour over salad cream & caesar salad dressing onto the salad........

Ahhhh........dashes of EVOO & last but not least , half boiled eggs..........yummy!

Done done done.....

The kids asleep and MP's out..........just me and my salad bowl in front of the TV. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

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