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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dinner @ Shangri-La With My Family

Last month my BIL Kadir called MP.....then he wanted to talk to me , then talked to Yna and then my BIL talked to me again. He said that he misses all of us & etc.........he said that he'll make a dinner date with us in mid March. OK.

So , tonite we had dinner with my BIL at Lemon Garden , Shangri-La. After the 'Historical Malacca' incident , this is the first time me & family will meet face to face with the twins *without their vicious mother , of course*.........

We arrived 15 minutes before my BIL

Apa lagi......time to take some pics laa......bila dah ramai-ramai sure gambar I tak de coz I'll be the photographer.........selalu macam tu.

MP nak merokok , so lepak kat luar kejap. Seram je I , takut Adik Mok meluru masuk kolam kat belakang tu.....

Nice place tapi panas.......tak tahan......suruh MP hisap rokok cepat-cepat , nak masuk dalam balik. Ada aircond.

The twins came down for their school hols with their friends. I sat beside Zed who's busy with his phone. The twins masa sampai tadi , memang keras laa......especially bila nampak MP tapi sebab they're with their dad , my BIL memang emphasis on bersalam dengan orang tua ni. Even dengan their maids pun the twins kena salam cium tangan....hehehe! *tu yang my SIL tak berkenan tu* Tapi peeps , bila I pergi rumah my BIL , I pun salam cium tangan dengan maids my BIL yang lebih tua dari I. I sik rasa apa-apa pun buat cam tok. Salah ke? Lantak lah my SIL nak cakap apa but so far dia tak pernah laa cakap-cakap apa-apa depan I but I know she doesn't approve my action. Nasib laa Labu. My parents taught me to respect the elders regardless of who you are. Kapish!

Over all , the twins was OK with us. They talked to us , laughed & yes.....they're adding Yna on Facebook later on. They're shocked to know that I played Mafia Wars on FB.

Hmmmm.....the many to choose but perut tak muat nak sumbat semuanya.....This is a must , bread - butter - cheese & crackers

Dalam tak muat nak sumbat......tu lah yang I sempat belasah....hehehe!

Yay!!!! Uncle Kadir kasi angpau laa......semua mama yang dapat.....hahaha!

Adriel yang paling meriah sekali tuh!

Time to go home.....

1 more pic of Yna with her Uncle Kadir & Adriel doing the Hi5 with his Uncle Kadir.

We had a lovely time. Zali & V was happy to get a Baby GAP swim wear for their 6 months old baby Rafael Zidane. Fuhhh! Nama......another boy in the family. So now you know why Uncle Kadir dok berkepit dengan Yna. She's the only girl in the family.

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