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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Day With Bella

Today I make a date with Bella , anak Kak Ram *yang kerja dengan Dr A*. We met via Facebook and now she's on her study break. The last time I met Bella was on Adriel's birthday last year at Dr A's clinic. Masa tu Bella helped took photos of me-Dr A & baby Adriel at Dr A's clinic. Now Bella's a med student studying in Penang & Dr A plays an important role in encouraging Bella to study medicine. A doctor in the making. Like I joked to Bella , she'll be one of the doctors sent to Klinik 1 Malaysia.....hehehe! All the best to you sis.......

Started the day by picking Bella up at Ampang Puteri and then sent Adriel to my parent's place. Made Bella follow me to the studio , she got to meet Kak Siti........lepak-lepak kat studio & borak-borak dengan Kak Siti before I took Bella for lunch at Bora Ombak.

I invited Kak Aida to join me & Bella for lunch today. We managed to look through the new Nasi Dulang menu. Kak Aida settled with the Pecel Lele set.

Bella had the Nasi Ayam set & I ordered an extra Pecel Lele.

I ordered the Nogori Sembilan set and it has ulam-ulam , sambal belacan , ayam goreng & lemak cili api ikan keli. Me & Kak Aida still prefers the old Nasi Dulang menu....tapi nak buat macam mana,,,,,,Bora Ombak bukan kitaorang punye laa pulak :-(

Lepas lunch , it was almost time to go & pick Yna up. Sebelum tu singgah Carrefour kejap , hantar seluar for alteration. We later went for cuci mata at Wangsa Walk. More makan session at Austin Chase.........sampai lah mummy Bella *Kak Ram* came & join us after she finishes her work at the clinic. Tapau some cheese cake for Kak Ram. We talked & talked & talked............hahhhhhhh.........

Went home and more eating session with my family. I needed to bank-in some cash in Taman Melawati so I suggested that we have dinner at Hometown Yong Tow Foo , Wangsa Maju branch. MP pun OK je........

My kids , my bundle of joy , my strength , my life.

A note for me : Am happy today. Nearer.......

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