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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clearing 7000+ Email....Damn!

Last weekend I was shocked to open my mailbox only to find that I have 7000 over email in it! Sebelum I duduk depan laptop & mula men-delete semua email tu......terjah dapur dulu,,,,,siapkan breakfast for the kids.

Semalam MP ada beli putu mayam , tak habis & simpan dalam fridge. Pagi ni I kukus balik. Yna suka makan putu mayam ni dengan susu pekat & kelapa just like me.

1 plate for Yna & the other one for me & Adriel. MP tak kaki.

Tengah hari buat lunch for Yna & Adriel. Scramble eggs with tomato sauce.

Memang nightmare betul lah. Jenoh dok men-delete...........

At last......7266 email deleted. Finally my inbox kosong. Hahhhhhhhhh.........

Nasib baik ada muka si kenit ni yang temankan I mengadap laptop.......

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