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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Mood

Been waiting for this 2nd jab for 2 months with much patience.........hehehe! Hari ni baru tak segan kalau jumpa Dr A pun. Ada good reason for me to hang around at the clinic yang tak pernah putus-putus dengan patients.....lately I tengok makin ramai foreigners yang jadi patients Dr A.

By now you'll know that even though that I don't have any appointment with my dear Dr A , I'll sure make a stop at his clinic whenever am in Ampang Puteri. On any days when I have appointments with Dr Nasir for Adriel or Adrenna,,,,,,,still,,,,,Dr A's clinic will be my waiting port. Clearly , I've bonded with Dr A's staff and they've always made me feel welcome & comfortable each time I paid a visit. Tadi Kak Ram told a visiting nurse....hhhhmmmm....."dah jadi rumah nombor dua dia",,,,,in reference of my constant presence at the clinic.

Today , I brought with me a container filled with 3in1 Nescafe & a container of Kerepek Ubi Kayu Pedas for Kak Ram & Linda. Knowing that today Dr A will be on call........that means there's little chance for Kak Ram or Linda to go and tapau food for themselves. So before heading to Ampang Puteri , I called the clinic and spoke to Linda asking her if she wants me to tapau some McDonalds for her & Kak Ram *no trouble at all coz McD's only a stone throw away from Ampang Puteri plus I don't even have to get out of the through maaa! , seriously no trouble at all* Linda told me no need to tapau anything coz she'll go & tapau some rice from the cafeteria. Well , OK then......

My appointment today was after 2pm and I was there around 3pm-ish.......

Yay! Seeing my favourite doctor in a bit.....

So am not telling the details of my encounter with my Dr A today.......but ya , we had small talks.....about my new studio , the monkey story , nasi lemak Marvellous.......hehehe! He's always a charmer. Seeing him again in July for my 3rd shot & in September for my paps. Lamanyaaaaaa.......

Very relax in Dr A's clinic but can't say the same outside.......hehehe! Kak Ram & Linda was very hungry. Seriously hungry. I offered to go and get them a bite. Bringing them McDonald's would have come in handy. Should have followed my instincts. They wanted Maggi Cup......OK. Went down to buy some supply for them. Also tapau some Turkey Ham Quiche & Cheese Cake from the cafe. Separated them into 2 bags.....1 for Kak Ram & Linda & the other bag is for my dear Dr A. Went back to the clinic and Kak Ram was in awe to see me bought so much Maggi Cup! Hehehe! Keep it , keep it.....keep it in the closet. Kak Ram slowly took the food I bought for Dr A into his least it will give him a 10 minutes break to eat , poor doc.

As for me , I had lunch earlier at Craven BA with Kak Lizza , her husband Abang Midi & kids before sending Yna & Adriel to my parent's place. Lunch was on Abang Midi.......TQ TQ TQ.

After am done at the clinic , fetch my kids and went home........

I was in a good mood even though my daughter is angry at me for picking her up so soon......hehehe! She wanted to play badminton with Atok but I made her go home with me. It was about to rain and I do not wanna be stuck in heavy traffic at the Flamingo Hotel - Ampang Jaya junction. When we reached home , she slammed the car door......and me? I was too happy to be mad at her or anyone......hehehe! Thanx to my stress buster *wink*

Not gonna let anything spoil my mood today. I want to feel like this everyday......owh! least till I go to bed nice.

A note for me : On cloud nine :-)

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