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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Andre's 1st Birthday Party

The last day of February , I took Yna to celebrate little Andre's 1st birthday at the same KFC where Yna had hers last year. Yna had fun with her friends playing games lead by non other than the cheeky Abang Fairuz! *Kak Aida....Abang Fairuz tanya Yna , mana Linda Jasmine...hehehe!*

Birthday boy Andre Darwish with his sweet mummy Dalena Yahaya. The fun looking birthday cake of Pororo the little penguin. Little Andre loves Pororo it seems. bunting some baru 1st birthday......2nd , 3rd birthday sure lagi happening. More to come from Andre's parents in future , that I'm sure.

Everywhere & everything at the party is in blue and of has to be Pororo!

KFC had a change of birthday theme....Yna's party was a Pirate Party.....but it was Ocean World for little baby Andre. Those are among the birthday gifts given to the birthday boy. See that big teddy? That's from Yna....hehehe!

Ahhh.......the proud parents of baby Andre with his other siblings , Angelina & Aedam.

Pics with the waiting mothers.......Dalena , Me , Hana & Sis Nita. All of our kids goes to the same school tapi jarang jumpa pun. Time party anak-anak macam ni.....baru dapat berkumpul & borak. Bila dah borak-borak........memang macam tak nak balik......but I had to leave the party before it ends coz nak kena rush ke studio. Ada kelas laa pulak..........

Rock steady! Hmmm......tonggeng or not , janji ambil gambar aaa Del....hehehe! Babe , thanx for inviting me to the party. Rain Forest kita tahun ni???? Kalau you ada planning , let me know tau. I nak ajak Siti Hajar ikut kita sekali. Baru laa happening joget & menyanyi dalam hutan.....hahaha!

1 comment:

  1. Wow,

    I likeeee !! So sweet of you to write about Andre's birthday here.. Thanks so much for coming, hope Yna had fun and you are happy too catching up with other moms.. Andre like Pororo so much, he dance everytime watching the cartoon...

    I wanna go to RWMF but baby Andre still don't want bottle laa dear.. Hyellppp !! What do I do laa ? :(

    Let's talk about RWMF... The hotel, etc kay ?