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Sunday, March 21, 2010

AF8 : Sunday Elimination.......I Don't Like

Ni tengah layan tengok Konsert AF8 , time iklan.......update story-story yang overdue.

Contestants this year yang paling OK antara 8 musim to my opinion , laaa. Their singing ability tak teruk sangat macam contestants tahun-tahun lepas. Am just enjoying the concert and it's still too early to say who's good and what nots.....

Watching the show tonite terasa potong steam pulak without the episode penyingkiran pelajar at the end of the concert. After 8 seasons , they changed the format similar to the elimination round in American Idol. It's totally understood of why another 24 hours is needed for viewers to cast their votes for American Idol as votes that comes in reaches millions and millions of votes from all 4 corners of USA but we're talking about our local Akademi Fantasia and votes from tiny Malaysia..........Alamak......ngangis aku.

American Idol doesn't have daily diary like Akademi Fantasia........masa diary pun kita dah boleh tahu if the students boleh deliver atau tidak lagu yang depa akan nyanyi and we can already start voting. For 8 seasons the voting system of AF went well & manageable..........dunno laah , maybe am not the only one who feels like this. Astro laa pulak ekkk.....macam-macam ada,,,,,macam-macam boleh jadi. Rasanya nanti depa tukaq balik laa kot. Tak practical langsung. Tengok lah esok , kot votes AF yang masuk kali ni lebih kurang sama banyak dengan votes American Idol yang bermillion-million tu........if so , betul laa tu,,,,,,extra time needed to sort out the outpouring votes *wink*

A note for me : I've voted for Mawi & Aizat.

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