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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got My Tempura With A High Price Tag

Took a few days off blogging since "Suey Day".......not affected by anything , just needed a break from using my brain to write.....but I did a lot of thinking.......still tak rehat otak jugak......hahaha!

So my keinginan yang teramat untuk nak makan Yasai Tempura dah tercapai......tapi tu comes with a high price tag for wanting to eat 'sayur goreng celup tepung '. The incident made my think these week I've been doing lots of prayers in the wee hours....asking for signs , assurance & etc from Him.

What I wanted in life is to have passion. Passion & intimacy with everything attached to me. I still have it in some areas but a huge part of passion had gone missing in my life and that is awful. Hard to lead my daily life without having those passion in me. Big hole. Partly empty.

I always look at things in a different way. We don't get great cravings I guess that's why we Malays believe that when an expected mother has cravings,,,,,,we have to try our best to give her what she wanted coz being pregnant means it's either the mother live or better give her what she craved for in order to avoid unwanted things to happen. Kepercayaan.....but why with cravings?

Sampai ada yang suruh jilat or cium tapak tangan kalau tak dapat apa yang diidamkan,,,,,takut kempunan katanya........

Kita pun ada cerita dongeng Melayu 'Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup' , where being kempunan can leads to suicide!.....dahyat tu....

There must be something or a big secret about ones cravings..........

I don't demand big things in life. Am happy being what I am today. OK at where I am now.

I have big things but I do need small things to be fulfilled.

I 'mengidam' small and cheap things like 'Vegetables' not meat or poultry or fish or even the expensive caviar. I could have dunk the vegetables in a flour mixture and deep fry it myself but no....I wanted the real thing. The real Yasai Tempura......Yang tulen and not yang tiruan....

Truth is , from this whole Yasai Tempura chronology , in a way,,,,,I got my answers.

By now , you'll think I'm crazy........hehehe!

You're entitled to that. I don't mind at all. Simply because you don't know what I asked of God.

Am writing it down anyway for my own reference in future.

I got what I want , takes some time , lots of patience needed and I have to share! Hehehe........

You see,,,,,I went to 3 Japanese restaurant in search of a Yasai Tempura but failed to get it. I finally got my Yasai Tempura at a Thai-Japanese restaurant. Not at a fully Japanese food restaurant. That's another clue for me to keep in mind......prepared.

To get my Yasai Tempura wasn't it after several attempts......and after getting it , I'm still tangled with some problems. Easy to solve problems but made complicated by human.

OK folks! Don't think of my deep thoughts or you'll go wacko! Hehehe!

On the surface.......
  1. Lunch @ Octopus = RM90
  2. Yna's T-Shirt = RM45
  3. Car Battery = RM300
  4. Unlock Car = RM180
  5. Car Park = RM15
All in RM630 in just short 4 hours.

Semua sayur goreng celup tepung punya pasal.

Tapi kan........tekad.....bulat......janji dapat......janji bahagia *wink*

My drink , cold green tea......& MP had Mango Blended.

Yna had Saba Shioyaki aka Grilled Mackeral.....the fish was good. Some Fish Tofu for Adik Mok.

MP had Chicken Teriyaki Set & some delicious Glass Noodle Salad for me.

Oh My.......the longgggggggg sort afterrrrrrrrr Yasai Tempura for me , me , me!!!!. A-ri-ga-to!

Enjoying our meal..........before disaster strikes at the basement carpark......hahaha!

Octopus @ Ampang Point , serving Thai & Japanese food selection.

A note for me : Food for the I can relate to the sayings *smile*

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Suey Day

MP said hari ni betul-betul suey........hehehe!

It all started this morning when MP took Adriel downstairs with him to refill his green tea. MP leka dok godeh kepala talipinggang dia and...........ahhhhhh! our baby pergi celup tangan dia dalam air teh yang panas mengelegak tu. Meraung laa Adik Mok! He was really in pain. Masa tu I kat atas tengah tengok TV & main Farmville dengan Yna......MP suruh I turun bawak minyak gamat. Masa nak turun tangga ke bawah dalam hati sempat lagi berkata......nasib baik Adriel kena masa kat tangan MP. Kalau kat tangan I,,,,,,,,menanah laa telinga I.

I told MP not to sapu anything but to put Adriel's fingers kat air , let it cool. But MP nak letak jugak minyak gamat. Took Adriel upstairs and he was still screaming in pain. Hmmmm.....MP mana boleh budak-budak menangis lama-lama.....mula laa dia naik suara marahkan si kenit. Adriel pulak , tengok kan Papa dia marah dia.....lagi laa dia meraung. Dia tak nak kat I langsung. Dia tetap nak kat MP jugak walaupun MP marahkan dia. Finally we soaked his hand in water. He stopped between that......ada domestic disagreements & arguments......biasa laa.....

I buatkan dressing for Adriel , gave him some milk and he fell asleep. Adriel ni cerdik. I think he knows that MP's angry at him & sebab tu dia terus nak MP yang attend dia. I told MP that Adriel needed his TLC........lagi MP keras lagi MP tak boleh bergerak mana-mana. Bila MP dengar I cakap macam tu , baru dia realized that it's true. For Adriel it's an affirmation that daddy's not mad at me anymore bila MP yang handle dia from A-Z. Bijak kepala otak si kenit ni.....

Balut tak lama.........petang sebelum we went out , dah bukak dah. Kasi kena angin. Tapi ibu jari Adriel merah & mengelembung. I cuak pecah je. Mesti pedih jari Adik Mok kalau part yang mengelembung *ada air kat dalam* tu pecah. Lama jugak dia tidur dari pukul 1:30 sampai dekat pukul 4 petang. Si Yna dah kelaparan tunggu adik dia bangun tidur sebab nak keluar pergi makan. MP *yang juga kelaparan* turun ke dapur goreng french fries for him & Yna.

We went to Ampang Point all because I wanna eat at Octopus! On the way nak ke Ampang Point , jalan punyalah jam kat MRR2. Nasib baik MP tak mengomel. Hahhhhh..........finally got my Yasai Tempura aka Vegetable Tempura. Syukur pada Tuhan. Dapat jugak I makan.

Masuk carpark Ampang Point MP terus bawak kereta ke carwash. Pergi makan. Then when we came back , cuba start kereta...........sekian. Battery kong. Pinjam kereta orang tried to jump start it.......failed. Then budak kat carwash tu kasi number mekanik kat MP , nak beli battery baru. Mekanik datang within 20 minutes. MP suruh I pergi beli mineral water..........suruh Yna ambil my handbag kat dalam kereta......I baru langkah 5-6 tapak je......I turned back......kereta terkunci pulak!!!!!! Mekanik tukar battery baru without telling MP......kunci kereta kat dalam kereta..........alarm mengaum........I was like.............OMG! Not another one. Kat basement tu panas. Adriel dah mula menyanyi dah.......I bawak dia round-round kat dalam Ampang Point , pergi beli mineral water.......

Ni domestic sikit laa......I did ask MP to go to the locksmith yang kat Ampang Point tu,,,,,to ask if they can do anything about it............he went but came back being pissed. Asked him why and he said , the guy's charging him hundred over bucks to fix the problem but there's no one to attend MP at the moment. Tu yang buat MP lagi marah tu.....katanya tokey kedai tu macam kerek pulak dengan dia. I would have just agreed to paying , get things solved and go home! But not MP. It was already 8pm! Nanti kedai tutup lagi room for ego ego lah. Kunci rumah pun kat dalam kereta. Balik pun tak boleh masuk rumah. Kunci kereta spare kat rumah......Adoiiii! Nak nangis pun ada. Tapi bagus jugak benda ni jadi.

Mean while MP was on the phone with his personal mechanic *who happens to be out of town*......he was talking to him of what to do. Then I heard the phrase "pecahkan cermin kereta"........No way! Tu lagi mahal dari paying RM100+ to the locksmith! Is he nuts or what. He was asking how to do it & etc......I heard kalau pecahkan cermin kereta,,,,,by Monday baru dapat pasang balik.........No No NO!

I then called Kak Siti's hubby , Abang Halim........and told him what had happened. I asked him to come over , in case he can help. Reason I called Abang Halim was because few nites ago,,,,,,Kak Siti pun tertinggal kunci kereta dia dalam kereta. Took Abang Halim dekat setengah jam jugak nak umpil-kan Waja Kak Siti. While waiting for Abang Halim to come , I talked to MP again. I asked him to go to the locksmith again and just agree to whatever the price and get things done and over with! The kids are restless already. Kesian kat Adriel dengan tangan dia sakit lagi......He finally agreed. Still reluctant but he went anyway. He went back to the locksmith. I teringat pulak yang susu Adriel kat rumah dah habis. Cepat-cepat I naik pergi Giant Ampang Point to buy the milk. Kalau tak.....nanti balik MP tahu pulak Adriel tak de susu...........sure I kena marah. Nasib baik I teringat pasal susu Adriel.

By that time dah pukul 9pm-ish. Abang Halim pun dah sampai.....The locksmith came down to the carpark with his state of the art gadgets. Dia bawak ada benda ni macam nak pam blood pressure.....terbukak sikit pintu Bimmer tu..........after few attempts.........dapat bukak pintu kereta. Melayang lah RM180 dengan kerja dia yang tak sampai 10 minit tu. What the hell were we doing hanging around there sampai nak pecah-pecah cermin kereta.........dari pukul 6 sampai pukul 9 malam! If only MP agreed to pay the first time he went to see the locksmith..........dah selamat lama dah..........That's MP. He'll always wait till the last resort before spending unnecessarily.........walauponnnnnn.....

Me? I lepak dengan anak-anak I kat tembok ni. Layan si kenit. Keluar hari ni pun I tak bawak susu dia sebab the plan was to eat and go home.....but.....He has other plans for us. I was sms-ing with Sis Nita. I'm supposed to meet her driver at BA coz Sis Nita nak kasi I lauk-lauk yang dia masak hari ni sempena anniversary dia. Janji dari petang nak ambil makanan bawak ke malam tak dapat ambil-ambil jugak. Akhirnya pukul 9:35pm baru semua urusan musibbah kereta selesai. Called Sis Nita and told her that am coming to her house to take the food.

Sis Nita ada pialang-kan I some lauk for another girlfriend of mine Dalena. She stays near my house.........since Dalena pun on the way balik dari Keramat,,,,,we agreed to meet kat area Surau Taman Bukit Mewah. Cerita hari ni,,,,,,,Dalena pun ada problem kereta jugak.....siap kena balik rumah ambil her other car lagi. And as for driver Sis Nita yang tak muncul-muncul dari siang......he met with an accident! OMG! What an awful day......not only for me but for others around me too..........

At the end of the day.........after all the musibbah , He gave us rezeki......sajian makanan yang enak-enak for me & my family without me having to cook. Ada pulut kuning , rendang daging , masak hati lembu , bergedil daging , ayam goreng berempah.........semua ada , semua sedap belaka. TQ Sis Nita.

This morning I did Solat Istikarah............He's talking to me......telling me what I wanna know........

TQ dear God........I know *wink*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Malas Malas Malas......

Still not into doing any cooking. But......still have to eat.

So , this is for lunch & dinner today! Beli kat warung kueh kat atas Bukit Antarabangsa ni.

Makcik yang jual kueh tu kata ni Nasi Ambang.........sambal kelapa manis & sambal goreng with ayam. Not bad. Kenyang. MP pun I belikan satu for his dinner.

Bought bubur ayam for Adriel & soto mee hoon for Yna's lunch. Bought another soto nasi for MP's makan petang.

Pulut kuning with rendang ayam for Yna's dinner & tahu goreng with kentang + sambal kicap for my dinner.

Hmmmmm......air pun malas nak buat.....beli kat 7/11. Melampau kan? Hahaha! 100+ for MP , Ice Lemon Tea for me , Twister Apple for Yna & Ribena for Adriel. Alhamdulillah , the food was tasty , nobody sakit perut..........everyone kenyang.

"Khalifah Seni" - My Song For P. Ramlee

I wrote this song in 2006 as a tribute for the late Tan Sri Dr P. Ramlee. Never been released. I really look up to this man. I not only see him as a Seniman but beyond that. He is a very special man. He can foresee the future. He sees things that we didn't. I truly admire this man & his thinking a great deal.

Through his movies , I'll discover many many hidden religious teachings in it. Every scene tells a'll have to look closer to discover the religious secrets , life lessons & etc. In his jokes......and in the scene that will make us laugh our heads off.......that's where his heavy messages & teachings lies. Gone too soon but always remembered.

I've stopped singing & doing vocal recordings since I got married in 2000. In 2006 , when I started doing a musical tribute project for P. Ramlee , I did all the research , interviewed his family members-friends & yes.....enemies *I know who they are* , wrote a chronology of P.Ramlee from his birth till death , visited Shaw Brothers in Singapore ,,,,,,, I grew fonder of this incredible man. It's like he is still alive and telling me his life story.........I swear that I can feel his presence.......even a non-believer of the spiritual world like MP , admitted feeling as though he's with us.

Me @ Jalan Ampas , Singapura.

Our film crew inside of Studio Jalan Ampas of Shaw Brothers. Masuk area ni , we can feel the studio came alive.......once , studio ni sibuk......but now.....very sad.

Me , MP , Zainal Alam Kadir *the host* , Kak Shidah *my SIL in Singapore* , Mus *my BIL in Johore* & crew at the ever famous bridge in the movie Madu Tiga.

Even took my parents , aunty & uncle to location @ Rumah P.Ramlee

While shooting a video clip with Halil Chik for the song "Dengarlah Gemala Hati" , one of my favourite song.

MP's good buddy back in JB *MP cakap Amy selalu lepak kat rumah dia in JB masa mudo-mudo dulu.....Amy sama batch dengan MP's brother Mus...* , we got Amy Search to sing P.Ramlee's "Merak Kayangan".....memang awesome dia nyanyi lagu ni....

MP & partner with legendary director Dato' L. Krishnan. In another pic , MP talking to Almarhumah Seniwati Kasma Booty.

MP & team with Uncle Kuswadinata & Jins Shamsuddin. must be wondering what's MP doing here....hehehe! I talked MP to do this P. Ramlee project. He & partner invested almost 2M for this 26 episode tribute program for Tan Sri P. Ramlee. MP & partner is the Producer and I'm the Executive Producer :-)

All this inspired me to sing again. P. Ramlee made me sing again. I composed the song "Khalifah Seni" specially for him. Yes , to me.......P.Ramlee is a Khalifah Seni.

I hope you'll enjoy the song and excuse my singing.........suara dah berkarat la der.....hehehe!

Sang by Rima Rashidi
Song by Rima Rashidi
Lyrics by Rima Rashidi
Vocal Arrangements by Rima Rashidi
Back-up Vocals by Rima Rashidi & Nick
Music Arrangements by Rima Rashidi & Mazly
Produced by Rima Rashidi

Hmmmmm..........kalau masuk competition & menang.....kaya akak dek....semua akak buat...huhuhu! Semangat P.Ramlee maa.....semua boleh buat sendiri.

This is my birthday gift for Almarhum Teuku Nyak Puteh Teuku Zakaria aka P. Ramlee. Al-Fatihah.

Happy listening , peeps!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Remember You Doc

Today my phone reminder alarm went off at 12noon. I've set it to remind me of the day my dear Dr Haliza left me & my kids. Today's the 1st anniversary of her leaving us. I was driving when the alarm went buzzing , I parked my car by the road side for a while and recited the Al-Fatihah for her......I can't help but shed my tears thinking of the Bukit Tabuh incident. So tragic. I know that I miss her still. I do.

I wish that you're still with us but I know now that you are living peacefully in heaven. I love you. I miss you and Yes,,,,,,I remember you Doc.

A note for me : Al-Fatihah to Almarhum Dr Amin Tai

Past posts on Dr Haliza's death by me :

A story written by my friend Agnes on the incident :

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MP Turns 50!

March 22nd MP turns 50! Wished him happy birthday on the strike of midnite last nite. So hari ni tak payah nak hantar sms birthday or wish him again & etc. It's just another day that we have to go through. I've asked MP last nite if he has any plans to take us out for dinner or what so ever but he said "dunno yet"..........OK.

Tonite ada class kat studio , again,,,,,,I asked MP if he has any plans tonite sebab kalau ada......I'll tell Kak Siti that I have something on and excuse myself from studio time tonite. Still , till late afternoon.....I got a "tengok lah".

OK off to the studio. Dropped the kids at my parents. Around 8:30pm-ish MP called asking me where to go and eat....Huh???? And asked me to get the kids and meet him at De Palma Hotel. Hmmmmmmm.......class baru

Called MP back and asked him to pick the kids and,,,,,,,told him that I wanna go and have some Japanese food at Oasis @ Flamingo Hotel. Am really craving for Vegetable Tempura dari masa sport's day Yna lagi........still tak dapat-dapat makan tempura. After having a 'fair' discussion with MP via the phone *hmmmmm.....* , he reluctantly agreed....hehehe!

MP obviously didn't plan to go further than Ampang area as he came with his 3/4 jeans , t-shirt & slippers.

Birthday kisses to dear padre from his hija & hijo.

Hmmmmm.........speaking of masih tak ada rezeki nak makan vegetable tempura even though am already in an all Japanese restaurant! Uwaaaaa.........The waiter gave me the menu and I looked through it & there's not even 1 Japanese food in it! I asked the waiter , what happened to the Japanese menu? He simply replied that they don't serve Japanese food at night. Memang rasa marah sangat. What if we came all the way from Subang to Ampang only to learn that the restaurant made such an arrangement. I was angry , hilang mood nak bercakap , hilang mood nak gelak......memang hilang mood. MP knew that I was angry. Kalau ikut hati,,,,,,kalau I sorang-sorang mesti I dah belah. But I tengok MP tak marah pun so I didn't want to make things worse. Sebab kalau MP marah lagi buruk situasi.

The other thing that made me quickly snapped out of the anger vibe was when I realized that He was the one who had orchestrated this whole 'tempura' episode for me.

My tempura cravings started 10 days ago on Yna's sport day when we had gone to a Japanese eatery , Mr Teppanyaki only to discover that it was closed for business *of all the days*. Then on the same day we went to another Japanese eatery , Teppanyaki but too bad no tempura was being served there. Hahhhhhh! Having tempura in my mind everyday until the night that I went out for dinner with my BIL at Shang......on the way there I told Yna , for sure there will be Japanese food served including tempuras. unlucky was I. They did serve Sashimi & Sushi..........too bad , no Tempura. Keeping my craving within myself , tonite I took the opportunity to end my tempura craving by going to a Japanese restaurant,,,,,,,,huhuhu! Still no luck. There and then I know that He is testing my faith in Him. I then smiled an take another look at the menu and ordered some food.

I realized that Dia tetap mahu bagi I rezeki yang bagus-bagus & enak-enak di tempat yang molek & selesa walaupun ianya bukan makanan yang I teringin sangat nak makan....Ya Tuhan,,,,,,I'm sorry and I'm very grateful for Your love towards me. How imperfect I was but You still wanna give........

On another note , deep inside my heart , it felt like He is answering my daily prayers. I feel that this is His way of communicating with me and to let me know that I will get what I've been asking for from Him , one day. All He wants from me is to have lots of patience and to trust Him. Yes.....with this heart that You gave , Insya'allah I will have that patience dear God. I'll wait. Amin.

Hmmmmm.......apa lagi,,,,,,order! order! order! Hehehe! I ordered Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce & fried dumplings. The food's good.

In front of Oasis. Ingat aaaa.......this is a Japanese restaurant serving good Japanese food but only during the day. At night they replaced the Japanese menu with Asian & Western delights. Mee goreng , tom yum pun ada......huhuh! So much for a Japanese restaurant. Tapi,,,,,kelakar kan? Why they do that? Japanese restaurant konon.....*masih ngomel jugak nih.....hehehe!*

The next day , I bought these Cucur Bawang & Tauhu Sumbat for tea. Balik kerja MP boleh makan depan TV.

Bought 2 pieces of Cheese Cake to celebrate MP's birthday walaupun I very well know that MP tak kaki cake daripada I beli sebiji kek with flavour yang I tahu dia takkan makan.....baik lah I beli cake yang I akan makan. Hehehe! I bought my all time favourite cheese cake , Marble Cheese Cake. Yang lagi satu I beli was California Cheese cake.....tak syok coz ada rasa lemon. Tak de ingredient label kat cake tu , kalau I tahu a lemon for sure I tak beli. Not my taste tapi dah beli.....belasah jugak lah. I love cheese cakes tapi kalau yang ada blueberry , pun I sik suka. Another favourite cheese cake of mine is Mocha Cheese Cake.......heaven! Tapi tak de pulak kat Splendid. Kat Secret Recipe memang ada.

So,,,,,,,,,,this is for you partner! Happy Birthday.

A note for me : Cheese cake.......Cis! Bedebah! *wink*