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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Very Dumb Cooking

Let's do some dumb cooking shall we? Well this is kinda dumb but I don't care lah....janji I boleh makan dengan anak-anak.

Recently Yna wanted to eat spinach , dia tak kisah buat masak air or lemak,,,,,,,janji bayam. I pun pergi Giant BA tapi that day bayam tak de :-( I went on searching for baby spinach yang dah siap basuh untuk buat salad........pun elek. Last resort *sebab malas nak pergi tempat lain* , I went to the frozen section and got a pack of frozen spinach. Tapi nanti bila dah cair mesti spinach dia berderai & tak laa seketul-seketul macam ni........Buruk......but better something than nothing :-)

Let's start cooking coz in a while I nak kena pergi fetch Yna kat sekolah. In goes all frozen spinach cubes into the pot. Add slices of yellow onions & prawns.......

Add water , heat on and stir occasionally till spinach cubes tu hancur......then bila dah mendidih , add coconut milk & salt to taste.......wait another round for the soup to boil.

This took me under 15 minutes to cook....My Lemak Bayam Hancur......hehehe! In a bowl , taruk nasi sikit & the spinach soup for my baby A's lunch.

Making a super fast sambal sotong. In a hot wok (no oil) , just tossed in the squids....

Eventually natural juices from the squids will come out. At this point in goes some sweet cherry tomatoes.....when squid's cooked , I added instant sambal paste , sugar , a bit of salt & some onions......

Within few minutes........hehehe! siap.

Yna's lunch when she comes home :-) .....oh , I buat telur dadar sikit for Yna.

Just look at my baby Popeye! He loves the spinach soup......

Me on the other hand........thirsty as ever........some grapes in my big mug & added a bottle of chilled Blueberry Tea. Damn good!

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