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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out On CNY Holidays

Cuti Chinese New Year ni MP tak nak pergi mana.......hmmmmm........predictable sangat-sangat. His reason? Mana-mana jalan nak keluar KL mesti jalan jam. Malas nak paksa-paksa. I ikut je. Memang kalau ikut hati tu nak bawak anak-anak pergi cuti-cuti Malaysia tapi bila sekali I bukak mulut & MP cantas the idea.......That's it. Malas nak follow up dah. Kalau dulu , I will pester him jugak and finally he will give in.........tapi siap laa telinga , jiwa & raga I........if anything should go wrong while holidaying eg. hotel yang I booked tak best ke....pergi mana-mana sesak.....staff hotel cam siol ke.....anything....anything yang dia tak berkenan di hati......memang menanah laa telinga I. So now , I do not what all that unnecessary emotional abuse lagi. I only tell him once. Kalau dia kata Kalau dia kata jugak. I'll find other alternatives to make use of my days. Senang. Tak kuasa nak stress stress.......tak nak lawan arus. Sure jadi tak molek.

So cuti raya Cina yang panjang ni I spent the hols at home taking care of my kids , tengok DVD , tengok TV...........Satu badan Adriel dah keluar viral rashes macam yang Yna kena baru-baru ni......3 hari jugak merah-merah badan & pipi dia sebelum rashes tu reda.

14th February - Sunday

Yna dapat jemputan to attend birthday party classmate dia Aida. It was held at Pizza Hut Wangsa Maju. Just Aida's family members & few school friends.

We occupied this 2 long tables for the party.

What's a birthday without a cake? Mesti nak kena ada it seems........tapi untuk anak-anak OK laa kot.......mine's coming,,,,,hehehe!

Pizza Hut main-kan lagu Happy Birthday yang depa dah recorded........tak payah laa kita nyanyi kuat-kuat macam dulu-dulu.....double birthday rupanya , Aida & her cousin brother.


15th February - Monday

Started with MP nak beli a new sandal for Adriel,,,,,,so today we went to The Mall. Had to take this beautiful CNY decor of the mall & Yna reminded me of a scene from the movie Rush Hour *entah which one*,,,,,,yang Jackie Chan slide down dengan kain rentang kat dalam mall........we were talkin about the scene while waiting for our food.

Still tengah tunggu makanan kat Kenny Rogers..........

Tried the ceasar salad , tak sedap sangat coz the chicken wasn't fresh.....ayam semalam kot , also masam sikit for my taste bud. The mac & cheese was good though.......we ordered an extra bowl and Yna made me promised to make her some.

Lepas makan baru pergi cari sandal Adriel......went looking for Adidas and finally got a pair of sandals & a pair of shoes for baby A. Bought a pair of walking shoes for Yna too. When it comes to buying things for the kids.........MP has a very soft spot there.

There was a sale at Parkson......MP got himself 2 pairs of CJ's black slacks.

He's paying......he's paying.......yehaaa.....

And.....the tukang bawak barang........hehehe!

And you think I didn't make MP get me anything , didn't you? Wrong this time. Well , I usually don't but I really need a new handbag. Lured myself to Guess , chose the one I like and he kindly bought it for me. *Yes , without much question TQVM* That's the extra huge purple handbag for my daily wear. Purple you......hehehe! Asyik-asyik beli handbag , beli warna hitam or brown. what if my baju tak matching dengan my handbag? Sue me laaa......Duhhhhh!

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