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Friday, February 12, 2010

Nursing My Kids

Musim demam sekarang ni. Yna went to school and got a fever , viral fever. Then few days after that she got viral rashes. Hahhhhhhh.........Bila Yna demam , Adriel pun demam jugak. Demam panas. Takut sangat bila anak-anak demam panas........

Dah jadi paediatric ward dah kat rumah ni......

His body temperature was high,,,,,,felt helpless , wish I could just transfer the heat to my body. So pitiful to see baby A like this. Yna pun panas jugak badan dia. Adik beradik dok tidur je. I bukak air-cond throughout the day to help cool off their body heat. When Adriel was at the hospital recently and having fever , that's what they did......increased the air-cond's temperature , selimutkan Adriel sekerat badan je , siang I was told to mandi-kan Adriel , letak tuala basah kat kepala Adriel.......all these untuk turun-kan fever dia. At home , I did just that.

Hmmm......dah lama tak buat marketing , dalam fridge ada benda alah ni je. Gorengkan sikit for lunch.

This was easy , sebab the wings is fully cooked! Took it out from the freezer , few minutes in the microwave.......done. Yehaa!

Masak nasi , goreng telur sikit , letak kicap ABC.........

Put all in a big bowl.........took it upstairs and feed my sick babies. I love them so much.

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