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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now Yna's Not Well

Last week , on Wednesday 3rd February,,,,,,,I received a call from Yna's teacher Puan Faeza telling me to come pick Yna up at school coz she's having a fever. Now in school everyone's busy with Sport's Day preparations and Yna joined the gymrama again this year.....hmmmm.....mengarok lagi laa bapak dia tengok-kan kulit si Yna jadi hitam.........

Yna rested at home for 3 schooling days plus 2 more days over the weekend.......Even now that I have a studio to run,,,,,I still try to do my very best for my kids. Guess I'm still lucky coz my parents is still around to help me out with the kids every now and then.

I bought lunch for the kids today........drove to Al-AzMaju. Bought some beef soup. Easier now that my baby A can eat anything. Today for the first time he tried beef soup with rice. I had to shred the beef to tiny bits. Dia suka sangat. The good thing about the beef soup at Al-AzMaju is that the beef cuts was so tender making it so incredibly easy for a baby like Adriel to consume.

For dessert.......I saw these colourful marble cake at Al-AzMaju , can't resist it. Had to buy 'em.....

Pappi's not home yet , got the kids ready for bed. Told Yna to drink a lot of water & little Adriel is liking the taste of Ribena.

After a 5 day break , Yna went to school today *Monday 8th February*. As I arrived at Yna's school to pick her up today , I saw Yna's face & ears all reddened. When she got into the car , she showed me her arms........tiny tiny red rashes all over and she was scratching herself like a baby baboon. MP called asking me to meet him at Craven Cafe , BA. After having our food I insisted that we take Yna to see a doctor. MP was reluctant at first *what's new laa kan* but I strongly insisted.

We saw Dr Masturawati at Klinik Idzham. According to her Yna earlier had viral fever and now it's the follow-up reaction from the fever she had last week. Yna was being advised to stay at home for a few days and MP's just not happy to hear that. The rashes is not contagious but it's advisable for Yna to stay away from other kids to be on the safe side. And for that Dr Masturawati gave Yna an MC till Wednesday , 10th February.

Yna was given some cough medicine as she's coughing a little and a bottle of medicine to rub all over her body.

A note for me : Looking forward to take a break........I need to rejuvenate myself. Karambunai - Club Med - Damai..........mana-mana lah...........janji dapat relax.


  1. cutenya adriel minum ribena...ur baby boy ni sentiasa buat i ketap gigi tau rima..sgt sgt menggeramkan dia ni....


  2. sian kak rima..hectic ..tula bila anak2 kecik me jugak..risau je bila diaorg sakit..