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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Birthday : With My Family

My parents , brother & nephews came by the house around 3pm today. My brother brought some lauk-pauk that he bought at a warung near his house. Kat rumah my mom masak nasi & makan ramai-ramai. Dah lama jugak rasanya tak betul-betul makan nasi dengan lauk kampung. Ada sambal tempoyak.......memang favourite........tapi bila makan , I bengkak otak kejap makan sambal tempokyak tu sebab pedas teramat! I suka pedas tapi kalau tahap kepedasan tu macam pedas 'wasabi'.......mintak maaf ,,,,,,, tak dapat nak menikmatinya.

MP belum balik dari office lagi.......just me & my

Birthday or not , I kena pergi ambil Yna dari kelas mengaji. Nasib baik dia still cuti sekolah lagi due to the CNY holidays. 22 February baru naik sekolah. My SIL Yatie pun singgah rumah lepas dia habis kerja.....time dia sampai,,,,,,,MP pun sama sampai. So everybody's around me on my birthday.......apa lagi yang I nak mintak? Alhamdulillah & Amin. Syukur pada Tuhan.

Malam , MP bawak me & my kids to Concorde Hotel , KL for a birthday dinner treat. Syukur syukur syukur......tahun ni , tiada insiden-insiden yang menyakitkan hati berlaku with you know who on my birthday....hehehe! Lega sangat. No cry cry story....hehehe!

A birthday dinner with mi familia.......

My birthday dinner....1st & 2nd meal.......Raw Oysters & Raw Salmon & some other raw 'dead animals' on my plate......hehehe!.........simply my favourites.

Slurping the raw oyster with dashes of Tabasco Sauce & fresh lemon....

I had 2 rounds of bread - butter - cheese & crackers! Can't stop! Then continued with the buffet of lauk-pauk yang tidak memberahikan tekak........dunno why but the buffet spread at Concorde wasn't that impressive. Not like are left overcooked......nak makan pun tak syok.

Choice of dessert pun tak gerek. Tak macam before.........I had a bowl of bubur gandum , chocolate brownie tu I tak jamah pun. So that was my dinner malam ni. Apapun , syukur sebab...errrr.....kenyang.

The resident band came to our neighbouring table & enjoyed the dangdut songs that was requested by guests......then the band came to our table & MP requested for them to sing the Birthday song for me......hmmmmm......entah apa angin dia......tapi while the band was singing , dia tak kuasa nak tengok the band or me.....dia layan Adriel je. Whatever lah,,,,,,TQ partner. Then I requested for the band to sing Gypsy Kings 'Volare' a favourite tune of mine! I was shaking & moving & singing at my seat *mampus lah orang nak tengok ke apa* , I really enjoyed the song. I was there for few hours but guests dok request lagu pop dangdut jek......I saw heads turned when they heard the house band started to sing Volare.

Sempat jugak I snapped gambar anak lelaki I yang anti climax macam pappi dia......orang dok syok bergoyang , dia gasak menguap,,,,,,,macam Mr Bean naik rollercoaster. I don't need a big birthday celebration & what nots.......tak perlu tu semua. Kek kek pun tak payah. It's a good start for year 38 of my life. That's all that I needed to feel. Like I always said , I'm looking forward to see my blissfully happy future......yes , with all the A's in my life *wink*. Dah dekat dah..........Insya'allah.....*Seram kan....hehehe!*

Hmmmmm....ada pokok cherry blossom kat lobby Concorde surrounded by titbits for hotel guests to munch on.

Melaram handbag purple........OK laa tu!

A note for me : MP wished me Happy Birthday masa I nak masuk tidur.....after midnight.....meaning on 19th February *sigh*


  1. happy birthday sis!!! may all the best be with you... happy birthday to you....