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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movie : Niyang Rapik

Semalam birthday Kak Siti tapi ada few vocal classes kat studio. Sampai studio , kissed & wished her. Cuti birthday Nabi too , tapi still kita kena kerja. Pagi lagi I dah keluar rumah , the kids was still sleeping when I left home. I hate watching horror movies but when I saw TMO Niyang Rapik on TV I was amazed by the cinematography of the movie. There was a wide shot on Tasik Kenyir where the casts was on a boat.....that shot alone made me wanna go and watch the movie.

The movie has beautiful shots and it's very impressive. I can't say if it was a good movie coz I was more interested in the shots than the story line......if you're a fan of foreign horror movies , than the story line is very predictable. Instead of being scared or having chills while watching Niyang Rapik , I found myself giggling & laughing in scenes which was supposed to be horrific! Seriously peeps.......

There was this scene where a cast nak tengah turun tangga.......nak pergi mandi......malam-malam.....kat luar rumah lagi *logically , any insane person will not want to do so way...dalam hutan lagi....memang sengaja pergi cari puaka malam-malam OK...* It was a tangga ayam shot , kaki actor tu enter frame , dia letak selipar atas tangga....pakai selipar & turun frame. Time tu ada tangan hantu enter frame macam nak capai kaki actor tu laa....dengan kuku panjang & what nots....what made me laugh was when Kak Siti made a comment........"eh tangan hantu ni , main piano pulak!" Hahahha.....jari-jari panjang hantu tu punya movements memang macam tengah main piano pun....alamak! even Yna pun ketawa. Berani pulak si Yna tengok cerita seram ni.....dia pun dok ikut I dengan Kak Siti terkekek-kekek dalam panggung.

There was another scene yang potong steam sangat was when the character Amir nampak hantu and was walking towards a cliff as he was being possess.....He has 3 other friends looking at him walking towards the cliff in front of him.....these idiot friends of Amir , realizes the situation but just stood where ever they were standing,,,,,only calling "Amir! Amir!" "Amir! Amir!" but they didn't come and pull Amir away from the cliff when they have ample time to do so,. Amir ended dead!.....bodoh....kalau I jadi Amir , I mati jatuh gaung and knowing that my friends didn't do anything to help me , I'll definitely come and haunt these stupid so called friends of mine....duhhhh!

Apapun , I enjoyed the movie. We all did. It's cinematography & spooky shots was something fresh to watch. I thought Awal Ashaari's acting was good. His character managed to make him show us the different side of Awal. He can do more as an actor. Shaheizy Sam was lucky coz he pretty much got lots of funny punch lines from the script , in a way I feel that it's kinda obvious that producers is helping this guy to be among the top young actors in the industry *super fast*. To me , Shaheizy can act but he is acting in his acting.......just like his sister , good but not a natural actor. As for the lead actress in this movie , hmmmm......she can definitely act but there's something about her face which I can't take her seriously. Same goes to the Sepet actress.....Too small of a physic for such big roles. Hey! These are my personal opinions OK. Yours might be different.

Yna's waiting for the DVD to be out!

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