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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lepas Kelas , Pergi Lunch

Alhamdulillah , things at the studio is picking up. We've got students coming from as far as Ipoh , Malacca & Seremban to register for weekly classes. These students have so much passion for singing.......willing to travel so far to seek knowledge.......kudos!

This is Azmarul from Malacca. He came for registration the other day with his sister , mom & granny!

Kak CT and I have already agreed that we're not gonna work & work & work. We're gonna take it easy and work at our own pace. Tak nak stress stress-kan diri. Ada 1 kelas satu hari pun dah Alhamdulillah. But we have confidence that we'll be kalut sikit masa lagi.....hehehe! So sekarang ni sementara boleh nak santai-santai lagi,,,,,,,we'll make use of the time we have to the fullest.

Hmmm..........dah tak de kerja , ternampak pulak ada ikan-ikan carp kertas kat dinding Taiwan House , Ampang Point.

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