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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Japanese Birthday Lunch

Yay! Kak Siti dah balik dari seminggu telak dekat Brunei. Semalam *Sunday* lepas flight touch down , Kak Siti sms telling that we'll meet at the studio on Monday. So today I fetched Kak Siti kat rumah dia and at first nak pergi Bora Ombak for lunch tapi bila sampai sana , ada sign saying that Bora Ombak is closed on Kak Siti ajak pergi Great Eastern Mall to have some Japanese food. Rogerrrrrr!

We ate at KiKu Zakura.....situated betul-betul sebelah dengan Cozy. We we greeted by Indonesian waitress wearing a kimono and supposedly to be speaking in Japanese......all I understood was Koniciwa...*don't know* * don't know* *don't know*.....welkam.

A simple modern Japenese decor.....tak rasa kat Jepun sangat laa........

Kak Siti memang favourite Japanese food ni. Kalau tengok dia belasah Wasabi.....mak ooiiii! takut I. Siap mintak tambah wasabi lagi......I tak kaki sangat pedas wasabi ni. Bengkak otak punya pedas.....sikit-sikit OK la.... Both of us had Green Tea.....cold for me & hot for Kak Siti.

The plate setting and our first boat of raw salmon pun dah sampai.....

We had Veggie Tempura & some deep fried Lotus Roots......the roots was good & crunchy.

A chicken dish with asparagus , recommended by the chief waitress & a set of Chicken Teppanyaki.

Kak Siti belanja sebab tengah loaded.....hehehe! Baru balik Brunei maaa.....Doumo Arigatou Gozai- Masu , Kak Siti......more to come aaaaa.......

A note for me : We wanna make this partnership work. Make good stable business and take our family to Japan for a holiday....hehehe! Insya'allah.

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