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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HE Helped Us Get A Parking Spot!

2 nites before my birthday recently I went out for dinner with MP & the kids. MP was asking me where to go and I told him , just go anywhere lah......I ikut je. So he drove all the way to Taman Melati know , kat stretch of shop lots tepi MRR2. Kat situ memang banyak restaurant but parking's always a nightmare.

Dah lama tak makan kat Leha Kelfood the last time we came was on Xmas Eve 2008. MP wanted to have dinner here so we were in search of a parking spot. 2 kali pusing pun tak dapat lagi......MP tried another time and saw a car coming out on his right side , he waited on his left side to give way for the car to come out......Suddenly a Kancil *with guys in their mid 20's* cut the queue from MP's right and went in straight to the parking spot that MP was eyeing & waiting. OMG! I dah risau dah as MP started to swear & stare at the guys from inside of the car tapi dia tak turunkan cermin kereta......mana laa budak-budak hingusan tu dengar apa yang dia cakapkan........hehehe!

I told him to just let it go as there was so many cars behind us and there's a lot of people around.....malu laah. MP had no choice but to drive on but his eyes was echoing the guys. Yang sial-nya pulak....budak-budak ni boleh gelak-gelak lagi bila depa dah potong queue macam tu , mana laa MP tak lagi panas hati. I pun marah , felt like getting out of the car and give them a tight slap. Tapi of course laa I tak buat. Kalau I buat , MP lagi laa.....hehehe! Mulut MP tak berhenti mengomel telling me that budak-budak macam ni kena ajar sikit. Memang betul cakap dia tu tapi,,,,,,,tak nak api-kan dia lah. I kept on telling him to let it go and try get another parking spot if we still wanna eat around this area. I told MP tak guna stood low to mentality budak-budak yang tak ada civic minded macam tu. Memang kurang ajar. Tak salah MP for being angry , I pun marah tapi just tak kuasa nak kecoh-kecoh kat tempat awam macam tu.

Bila MP dah jauh dari budak-budak kurang adab tu , I asked MP *yang masih dok bising dengan budak-budak tu* why didn't you just turunkan cermin kereta je tadi and let them hear what you said since you marah sangat? MP said tingkap kereta dia jammed........hehehe....patut laa...Kelakar seram laa MP kadang-kadang.....hahaha!

MP made 1 more round tapi knowing MP , I tahu dia bukannya nak-kan dapat parking.......he wants to give those idiots a piece of his mind! He will never let them go off that easy. As MP made that round , I told God to not make it possible,,,,,,please,,,,,,please,,,,,,please. I don't wanna be news in some local forums the next day.....duhhhh!

Miraculously , as we were getting near to Leha Kelfood for the 4th time,,,,,,,there was a car coming out just betul-betul sebelah tempat depa letak kerusi meja makan kat restaurant tu. How insane was that? As I was sitting at the back of the car with Adriel , I slowly said.......God heard me *wink* , MP cooled down automatically! I told Yna that this is what we get for being patient and as a witness to what had just happened , Yna was so excited. She repeatedly told me & MP that she was so amazed that by being sabar & to let go of things we will be rewarded with the best. Alhamdulillah! She , my baby girl,,,,,,can see that. MP too realizes that small miracle that had just happened to us. Tuhan bukan saja buka-kan laluan or berikan tempat untuk letak kereta di kawasan yang memang sedia maklum sesak........tapi dengan mengalah & sedikit kesabaran , Tuhan bagi kita tempat parking yang paling dekat dengan kedai makan yang hendak ditujui................Amin.

Maybe it's a coincidence to many but to me and the way I see it , God was looking at my family at that very moment. How special was that? He was near us to make things possible for us that nite. Oh my......siapa lagi yang boleh buat tu semua kalau bukan Dia yang aturkan? He , The Al-Mighty was looking after my family matters for that short but blessed tell me how special was that and how should I be feeling? I smiled at Him. I thanked Him. Tanda Dia ada di sisi walaupun hanya meminta tolong PadaNya di dalam hati. Priceless.

We had dinner feeling happy & relax & happy.........*Hey! God just hang around with me , OK....hehehe!*. MP's anger with those idiots went to I don't know where. We didn't even see them around , dunno where they went. If you can see MP's black car at the background......Sweet!

I had Nasi Kerabu.......semua ada cuma solok lada je yang dah habis. Best! Best! Best! MP tak reti makan Nasi Kerabu.....dia tak pernah cuba pun. Pernah sekali dalam bulan puasa I beli Nasi Kerabu for buka puasa.......MP cakap,,,,,,,,"apa you rasa.......makan nasik dengan daun-daun je?" hehehe! To him macam tak puas gitu laa.......Each time kalau dia tengok me & my family makan Nasi Kerabu , muka dia macam risau.........macam,,,,,,cukup ke depa makan macam tu je....hehehe! That's my town-boy partner.

Mid February I bought this book..........2nd book for me this year after a book by Pok Nik. Been reading it slowly till today. I was crying when I was on page 40!


  1. try reading this book " 130 resepi menjadi wanita bahagia" i'm sure you will like it

  2. Rima,
    keep on berdoa ok, Allah itu maha mendengar, doakan sekali YP tuh berubah 45darjah,

    i bet bdk yg tade civic tuh pun mmg dah disetkan untuk menduga kesabaran YP, dan ditambah plak ceramah ustazah you pada Yna masa dlm kereta tuh, I rasa masuk juga sebutir dua ceramah you tuh ke telinga dia...