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Friday, February 5, 2010

Eating Out Towards End Of Jan

Since the day we were being discharged from Ampang Puteri (January 28th) we've been eating out......Here are few eating spots around the Ampang-Hulu Kelang area that we went to.........

29th January

I managed to persuade MP to have dinner at D'Beijing in Ukay Perdana........I pernah tapau food here but tak pernah dine in. That nite we had to wait for almost 30 minutes before we can eat dinner. Many customers. MP was game to wait *thank god* , kata dia , dah masuk kedai so malas nak pergi tempat lain. Luckily it was a pleasant unpleasant incident or what so ever :-)

We had nasi putih.....telur dadar.......

.....ginger beef & kangkong belacan......

......butter prawns & sechuan fried's not bad.

I was so tired today coz after resting for almost a week at the hospital , hari ni kena pergi studio balik........liat sangat rasa badan , kena bawak kereta & all........I hate driving. Lepas makan , nampak bantal je.

30th January
The next day we went to Wangsa Walk and tried eating at the newly opened Little Wok.

Yna had fish & chips. Hot plate tofu for baby A.

Some deep fried wantons to nibble on. Sweet & sour fish fillet to go some with white rice.......

Kung pao chicken & stir fried beansprouts with salted fish.........good lunch but the price's quite pricey here.

Saja nak insert gambar Adik Mok sebelum dia pergi mandi.....

31st January

Mula-mula MP nak pergi makan yong tow foo kat Ampang Point tapi masa lalu depan restaurant tu , it was packed so MP pun terus je.....tak berhenti pun. So I suggested that we ate kat area Petronas Ampang Jaya. MP stopped kat Original Kayu Nasi Kandar........I roger je coz I boleh makan Cheese Nan.....huhuhu! Boleh makan Nan....yahoooo! Hahaha.......Sempat jugak shopping barang dapur sikit kat Max Value.

While waiting for our food......

Yna had Nasi Lemak & MP had Mee Goreng Mamak

Me.....I had Cheese Nan with Chicken Tandoori & Dhal. The dhal was simply delicious. Sedap sangat.......I've always love a bread meal......guess that's the Ceylonese aka Sri Lankan blood I have running in me from my grandpa , Abdul Raman *mom's side*.

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