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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Simple Spaghetti

I don't have much ingredients left in the last kopek sebelum buat marketing. Lamanya tak buat major marketing! Malam ni perut lapar. MP pergi mengurut dengan Pak Hamid kat Gombak,,,,,,,I malas nak keluar beli food.........hmmmmm.......untuk I sorang je.......dah lah....I belasah masak apa yang ada je lah. Dalam fridge ada tomato - daun sup - chopped garlic & beef bacon strips. OK laa tuh!

Keluarkan beef strips dari freezer , terus I gunting-guntingkan benda alah tu. Tak kuasa nak tunggu dia cair dulu......lapor siol. In the wok , in goes some EVOO - chopped garlic & beef bacon.......heat on. Bila daging dah garing , in goes the tomatoes - some chili flakes - salt & pepper & daun sup.

when the tomatoes a bit mushy , in goes the spaghetti.....heat off & mixed well. Hmmmm....sediakan pinggan......

........and ready to makan......*to save time , cook the spaghetti while you're preparing the beef bacon strips & veggies*

A plate of spaghetti for me & instant beef lasagna for Yna.

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