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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Mac & Cheese

As I've promised Yna that I'll make her some Mac & Cheese , well today's the day. It's pretty simple but time consuming jugak laa , as you have to keep on stirring the macaroni so that dia tak melekat kat periok.

Bought San Remo's Instant Mac & Cheese.....some water , butter & milk.

Nak masak benda alah ni , I kena ikut sukatan air & susu as stated kat belakang pack mac & cheese tu. Bukan apa.....takut tak jadi. Some water in the pot & milk.

In goes some butter......

Biar butter cair & the milk mixture mendidih.......

Then only masukkan 2 packs of Mac & Cheese.........stir.......stir.....stir......till mendidih......stir lagi.....

.....sampailah macaroni tu kembang & mixture jadi pekat......I tak letak extra garam or anything. Kalau ikut sukatan air & susu......rasa dah cukup masin.

Lunch for me & the kids.

1 comment:

  1. salam kak rima,
    i love san remo instant mac n cheesee..
    selalu buat kat sini..
    tapi i use the microwave to do it..
    it is so simple no need to kacau2 yang teruk all u need to do is to follow the instruction but it says stir twice.. so u only use fork and stir it in the middle of it cooking time.. tapi kalo byk mcm urs tatau la pulaks..