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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cuti Hari Wilayah : We Went To Sungei Wang

Lama tak pergi Sugei Wang. Call me jinjang or what so ever but I used to love to shop here masa zaman I sekolah menengah dulu. From my school St. Mary's , kalau jalan kaki ke Sungei Wang memang kejap je sampai. You can get anything you want here. Even dari dulu lagi pun macam-macam ada kat sini sampai lah sekarang. Semua ada kat sini. I suka tempat ni. That's why it's important to choose a good positive name for any of your businesses.......Sungei Wang......memang macam air laa mengalir duit.......tak peduli lah kat keliling dia ada mega shopping malls like Lot 10 ke , Star Hill ke , Pavilion ke.......Sungei Wang tetap penuh orang. Sadly , Bukit Bintang Plaza yang share the same building dengan Sungei Wang pun mati or malap.

To what I see.......ramai suka pilih names like bukit , bintang , star , hope that it will prosper because kedudukan subjek yang bersifat tinggi so it should be brilliant for business tapi the word bukit ,'s high.....nak kena panjat bukit or climb a hill is not easy , it's difficult. And also star , bintang.......yes,,,,,it sounded bright & positive but to reach to the stars or nak capai bintang,,,,,,,,payah beb. Belum tentu boleh that's why it's not a good feng shui for me lah. Like The Pavilion.........memang ramai orang,,,,,especially over the holidays or the weekends....tapi.....yang ramai orang selalunya kat mana? Yup! Kat the pavilion....hehehe! Yang akan hang around kat dalam Pavilion will only be the serious shoppers. Sama jugak macam Star Hill.........

Like when me & Kak Siti was figuring out the name for our company.......she asked me about the usage of the word 'mutiara'.....I told her that it's a no no for a company's name. Why? Well , true enough that mutiara or pearl is very expensive and pretty but it's not easy to obtain a mutiara. The only way to get a pearl is for someone to dive hundreds of meters deep into the ocean.....then only you will get a good quality pearl! No way......that's too much work! I don't want my business to just be pretty and then will face tremendous hardships to get a no no no no! Cannot cannot......mutiara is definitely out!

Just look at companies like Giant..... Berjaya Group.... Perwaja Steel..... Metro Wealth..... Skop Productions..... Public Bank..... we can easily sense the positive energy , vibe & growth from the names.

It also implies to tittles......hmmmm...for example.....American Idol , the winners...contestants....mostly will be an idol , Yes...even the general who sang "Pants On The Ground" in his audition.....even he became famous....hehehe! Unlike our Akademi Fantasia,,,,,,,syyyyyyhhhh *mati aku* hahaha! .......Akademi tu dah bagus.....tapi the usage of the word Fantasia....hmmmmm.......jadi a total fantasy lah. Masa kat dalam akademi , everything seems right for the students but bila dah keluar.....oh my.....ada yang sampai masuk ward sakit jiwa. Sorry aaaa.....

I remembered watching AJL 23 last year when Faizal Tahir won Best Ballad Song for Sampai Syurga. That's very predictable that the song will win. The vibe of the song tittle was too strong for other songs to compete. Faizal had 2 songs in the competition and I personally favour Cuba than Sampai Syurga. To me , the melody line & music arrangements in Cuba was more challenging than Sampai Syurga. But.......perhaps the karma of the song tittles.......Sampai Syurga has to be the greatest.....nothing can beat what's in heaven and through that song Faizal won Best Ballad Song , Best Vocal Performance & Best Performance! As for Cuba....hmmmm........memang kena cuba je lah....he tried his best anyway....

I learned all this from my Chinese late grandma.....she was a fortune teller by profession so I've witnessed her clients went to her for consultations & she looks into all these factors.......jangan percaya sangat.....just sharing je........everything comes from Him *wink*. But even in Islam , we're always told to give good names in everything we I guess,,,,,,it's OK to think of good names.

Now,,,,,,,,back to my federal territory hols. Spent the day shopping for a new karaoke system for the studio. Kak Siti dah survey and today bawak MP to counter check on the system.

Wooo.....macam kat Jepun lah....hehehe! We had lunch at Tepanyaki. We bumped into singer Siti Sarah & partner.......pun tengah makan kat situ. Kantoi siol. Siapa partner dia? Hehehe......zipped. Nanti you all tahu lah siapa......but I don't think it will lasts lah.....infatuation je ni.....hopefully Sarah will come to her senses and think way way ahead.....please darling.

Lunch was good. Lepas makan we dragged MP to FOS Kids & Teens yang betul-betul sebelah Tepanyaki. Hmmmm.......MP ended spending RM200+ for the kids. Kak Siti pun terbabit shopping baju si Afif.....hehehe!

After Sungei Wang , we headed straight to the studio to fix the karaoke system. Kak Siti roger hubby dia suruh datang studio bawak TV. Nak connect sekali to the system. MP's good in sound engineering ni sebab dia dulu kerja dengan show company and it was his duty to handle the PA System.

Ketepi Kak Siti........adik Rima nak nyanyi pulak...hehehe!

Selesai kat studio , pergi Wangsa Walk.......nak makan malam & dapat pulak beli baju kurung untuk Yna pakai masa mengaji. Beli 2 helai kat dia.

Orang suruh dia posing betul-betul , dia gasak buat posing Ultraman.....haru betul anak dara I ni.... I tak dapat nak tolong.....lempang kang.....geram , geram , geram.....nak cubit-cubit je tengok dia buat muka macam tu.....hahaha!

A note for me : My company's name with Kak Siti.........we settled with VocalWealth Networks.


  1. Rima, i nak ambil lessons with leh?

  2. Yours 014-338 2112 *wink*